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Magdalena @MagdalenaDK — Magdalena is a retired community member and former Death Knight.

Plaguebearer: Chains of Sindragosa

The term "Chains of Sindragosa" refers to a Blood DK playstyle that, as the name might suggest, involves the Breath of Sindragosa talent. Utilizing a combination of our Multistrike attunement and the Icy Runes glyph (specifically the large amounts of Runic Power that both generate), this playstyle aims to enable a Blood DK to maintain Breath of Sindragosa indefinitely during raid encounters.

Plaguebearer: Blood Tap and cognitive dissonance

When wrapping up my previous entry in Plaguebearer, I noted that I planned for a future post to address the reasons behind my belief that the Rune Regeneration tier of talents feels lackluster and unsuitable for Death Knights, particularly in light of the way our resource system is structured. Over the past week, I’ve come to the realization that properly making my cause requires tackling multiple issues- far more than a single article could hope to handle.

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