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Michael "Mitch" Mitchell

Michael "Mitch" Mitchell @MitchFizzl — Mitch spent his childhood in a dark cave being raised by feral penguins. While they were actually quite hospitable, Mitch always knew he was destined for something greater — the world of freelance video-game writing! And so he left his penguin herd at the age of 12 to fulfill his destiny. It took a while to make things happen, but eventually he reached the heights he knew he was always supposed to. He hasn't forgotten his humble beginnings, however. To honor the Arctic creatures who raised him and the cave in which said raising was done, he now writes about all things Blizzard while also spreading the good word of Shadow. One day, he will be the best Heroes of the Storm player in the world. He can usually be reached on Twitter (@MitchFizzl).

The Queue: Surprise Mitch

No need to adjust your eye holes, dear readers — you really are reading a Tuesday Mitch Queue right now. Why? Because my flight leaves tomorrow morning, and, on top of general exhaustion from that, I didn’t think it would be very smart to write The Queue after an hours-long brewery tour. Sure, it might have been amusing — but it would not have actually been a good idea.

So, with that out of the way and BlizzCon very, very close… let’s Queue.

The Queue: There’s a better reality out there, somewhere

I think I’ve talked about Fortnite enough here (and on Twitter) that y’all know I enjoy the game. And, assuming you weren’t living under a rock and that rock somehow also didn’t get sucked into a black hole, you’re probably aware that the game recently had a world-ending event that led to nearly two full days of the game being offline with no official word from Epic on when it would return.

Well, the game’s back, and the map is brand new — but here’s the thing. There are a couple of areas on the new map with the same name and very similar layouts as the old map. And given the events preceding the black hole, it seems very likely that, canonically, this new map isn’t a new island, per se, but rather the same island as before… but in a different reality. The map is much prettier. It’s a lot more enjoyable. In short, it’s better without feeling too far from the island home of yore. So y’know maybe, just maybe, that means that there’s an alternate reality out there where things are better, brighter, and more fun. I’ll leave it up to you to decide if that’s a comfort.

Anyhow, let’s Qyeye.

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