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Michael Mitchell @MitchFizzl

How do you know if a player has been playing since Vanilla? S/he will tell you!

Mitch (AKA Fizzl) has been playing World of Warcraft since Vanilla and has earned a PhD in Shadow doing so. When he’s not being a completionist in WoW, he’s likely playing Heroes of the Storm or off somewhere making amazingly groan-worthy puns (or, “Fizzisms” as they’re known around his raid team). His main goal in life is to make everyone play Shadow. He can usually be reached via Twitter (@MitchFizzl).

The Queue: You no take Candle, Jack!

It’s day 2 of Mitchqueuing and it’s also the release of Antorus’ first LFR wing. Happy Tuesday, folks, I hope it’s a good one! What’s your favorite Tuesday tradition? Mine is reading titles out loud before pondering what they sound like when spoken.

Side note: Lots of controversy in yesterday’s Queue regarding Teldrassil’s burning. I went back and watched the What’s Next panel — Afrasiabi said, “Why are the Horde burning Teldrassil? Why are the Alliance attacking the Undercity? It doesn’t matter who fired the first shot…” Maybe something was said elsewhere by a different dev, but I’m taking Afrasiabi’s word as truth since he’s ultimately the one who makes these calls.

So yeah, lots of room for interpretation with that, especially since “who fired the first shot” could refer to a third party. My bad on that. But at least I have a new article idea!

The Queue: Ahead of the Curve

I don’t usually use this space to give shout-outs, but my (relatively new-ish) raid team added an extra night of raiding this week to get Kil’Jaeden down before Antorus released. We managed to down him on Sunday night, but because it was an off-night, a few important team members weren’t able to be there.

So what did we do? We went back in last night and got that [frolicker] down again. Not only was it cool to down him a second time (seriously, that guy sucks), but it was even cooler that so many people were willing to put in the time to earn a few more people the Ahead of the Curve achievement. It’s one of those things that reminds you how awesome a guild can be.

Now, it’s Queue time.