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Mitch —

The Queue: White chocolate stole the show

Well, after it seemed like it would be a match of dark vs. milk chocolate, with white chocolate mostly an afterthought, it turns out that white chocolate won the Splatfest. And not just, like, a normal win — they swept every. single. category.

So, well played to Team White Chocolate. Shiver, we’ll win the next one.

Until that time, let’s have a Queue, shall we?

The Queue: Febuary

Happy second-month-of-the-year, y’all! It’s a short month, but it’s also the only month that regularly falls into a nice, neat four weeks.

Then again, it’s got that whole “silent R” thing goin’ on.

Regardless, we’re not here for Rs — we’re here for As and…

The Queue.

The Queue: Snow, snow, snow

Hello, Watchers, and happy frozen Wednesday!

I’m sure it’s not frozen for all of you — frankly, I’d be very concerned if it were — but here in the midwest, we’re getting a lot of snow. Like, a lot a lot. If history is any indication, it’ll either be gone by Friday or it won’t melt until like April.

Anyhow, this is The Queue, and unlike outside, it’s hopefully not too cold and unpleasant.

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