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The Queue: Mornings

Lately pretty much every morning has felt like waking up with a mind flayer tadpole, so I figured I’d embrace it. It’s the Queue. I’m kind of splitting my time between Faerun and Sanctuary lately — yes, I’m that one guy who likes Diablo 4 pretty much just as much as when it launched — and I won’t lie, there’s some cognitive dissonance.

Luckily, I tend to do Dark Urge origins and those are a fair bit more… shall we say sanguine? It makes it easier to leap between them when I go from giant barbarian soaked in blood to giant barbarian soaked in blood, I guess.

The Queue: Twas the Night Before Leap Day

Tomorrow is February 29 aka Leap Day. It feels like it should be notable in some way, but it really isn’t (unless you were born that day). Heck, “Leap” feels wrong too — it’s more of a Padding Day to keep the calendar aligned with the seasons. Maybe if February 29 was the norm and every four years we skipped it we could use the term Leap Year, but it’s honestly more a step back than a jump forward.

Julius Caesar is given credit for implementing Leap Day and frankly he does deserve it even if the math behind it wasn’t his own. What a lot of people don’t know is that 46 BC was actually 445 days to get the calendar fixed first — the Romans were off by almost three months in their festival timing before this was done. Forget being born on February 29 — can you imagine being born on one of those extra days? You’d never celebrate your birthday again!

In any case February gets an extra day this year so be sure to spend it with your loved ones.

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