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The Queue: Everyone is on time out

I’ve had a Queue title and theme all ready to go for today since Monday. Then I got to the comments on yesterday’s Queue and you guys asked about 5 pages of “Two Bosses Enter” questions and almost nothing else.

So you know what? You guys are on time out. You’re getting answers to the same number of questions you usually get (eight), and they’re pretty much all going to be about bosses entering. This is on you.

Sighs. Let’s Queue.

PS: Fantastic Queue header today is a cropped (sheered?) version of this very good art by @chootalks.

The Queue: Mass hallucinations

Crucible of Storms is a mass hallucination. Instead of trying to find this fictional place, wherever it may be, I think we should go out for a cup of coffee. Coffee is much better than hallucinating raid instances. Trust me on this.

In which Liz is trying to convince her raid leader of the above fact(s) and needs your help.

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