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The Queue: Odyn is a jerk

I’m running Tomb of Sargeras again after my Castle Nathria raid, while listening to the theme from Cyberpunk 2077 because I really dig it. The music in that game is amazing. Honestly, as long as you get it on a machine that can run it, I’d rate it as a very good CRPG and one I’m enjoying quite a lot. But the music is utterly amazing.

It’s the Queue. Odyn’s a jerk.

The Queue: Anything she wants

You ever go back to old content and are kinda struck by some of the things we either left unfinished, or just washed our hands of without thinking about the potential ramifications of the people and creatures which were thriving — or at least surviving — up until our intervention, after which they are all but certainly doomed without further help from us? I feel like this could be a metaphor for something. Maybe an allegory, even.

This is The Queue, where you ask us questions and we swear we’ll stick around long enough to answer this time. Probably.

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