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The Queue: The Wishlistening

Ok, look. We’ve all said a lot of things lately that we regret and I fully accept the apologies of any Queue member who made a mean meme about me yesterday. Just the one, really. Now we’ll all just sit here and wait. I’ll turn this Queue right around and go home, mister.

This is The Queue, the daily column where you ask us questions and we came out here to answer them but we’re honestly feeling so attacked right now?

The Queue: More like Tales of Kenzera: Wow

After a month away for patch 10.2.7, Season 4 and ReMists I finally got back to playing and finishing Tales of Kenzera: ZAU and let me tell you this game was so good my friends. While it is your standard “metroidvania” game, the graphics and music were amazingly well-done. The gameplay wasn’t revolutionary for the genre but it still managed to add some twists to the standard formula, and some of the environmental puzzles were hard. This was clearly a labor of love for the dev team and while there’s more than a half a year to go it’s sitting at the top of my Game of the Year list. If you like metroidvanias at all you should definitely pick it up — the price is pretty low too, only $15-20 depending on platform.

While I ponder which mask to wear when fighting my enemies and escaping lava, let’s answer some questions!

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