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The Queue: More coffee please

Look, I know what they say about making coffee your whole personality and everything, but sometimes I feel like the only thing standing between me and just lying on the floor is a nice cuppa.

No, Rutherford, I absolutely do not share.

This is The Queue, where you ask us questions and we might answer, as long as you bring me a biscotti or something. Just a little nibble.

The Queue: The Ice Stone has Melted

It’s so hot outside.

How hot is it you ask? It’s so hot, that I can’t even think of a good punchline to that setup. We’re still getting rain a lot where I am, but when the sun comes out — oh boy does it come out. Good thing that I have a nice cool basement to do my writing from or all this Queue would be is pictures of ice cream.

While I look into whether or not Liz would fire me for an all ice cream picture Queue, it’s time for — The Queue (non-dairy edition)

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