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Titan Rune Dungeons will add a “Heroic Plus” difficulty to Wrath Classic dungeons — now live on the PTR

Wrath Classic is adding a new difficulty to dungeons in Phase 2 with Titan Rune Dungeons, which allow players to gear up with 10-man raid level loot from Phase 1 — helping to keep Wrath dungeons relevant throughout the game. Blizzard has talked about increasing dungeon difficulty and improving loot before, originally calling it "Heroic Plus," but now the feature is live on the PTR for testing.

The Queue: It Is Tuesday, My Dudes.

Every time my week has a hiccup from the norm, I instantly become completely unmoored from time and space. So, as I hurriedly rush to finish The Queue (for the second time, because it’s haunted and my first attempt was destroyed, which is not a joke), I’d just like to take a moment to remind you that it is, in fact, Tuesday.

This is The Queue, where you ask us whether it’s Sunday, and that seems legit to me, but it’s definitely Tuesday.

What content do you most enjoy in an MMO?

I'll be up front -- I thought the Mission Table was the best innovation in Warlords of Draenor. Now, many years later, the news that it won't be in Dragonflight fills me with a kind of joy I wasn't aware I was capable of feeling -- a boisterous, almost terrifyingly primal exultation, like unto that you would expect to feel just before you started singing and a musical number just sort of happens.

How should Blizzard handle Allied Race restrictions in Dragonflight?

The first Allied Races we got were unlockable by doing Legion content, and the others all required Battle for Azeroth unlocks, which means as of Dragonflight we're talking two or three expansions ago. World of Warcraft certainly seems to be trying to make leveling easier and more streamlined, but that also makes those older expansion unlocks for Allied Races more and more extraneous, in my opinion.

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