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The Queue: Chaddius!

Is there a Steward in all of Bastion as amazing as Chaddius? I’m sure there are some that come close, but I can’t think of any with more personality just hanging out. It’s good that the Steward of the Day rotates otherwise I might just shower Chaddius with all of my extra purians.

While I go find more purians to give to Stewards, it’s time for — The Queue.

Secret Rooms and Lost Dredgers in Torghast make for WoW’s own version of Treasure Goblins

The headline's a little misleading -- it's not actually a treasure goblin, and also it's not technically a goblin, but it's still pretty cool -- but these new Lost Dredger mobs that spawn in Torghast allow you to farm up a lot of Phantasma and can even drop an Anima Cell letting you get even more Anima Powers, which makes your time spent in Torghast a lot easier and more fun.

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