Before The Storm

Battle for Azeroth prequel novel Before the Storm gets June 2018 release date If you’ve been waiting for news on when Before the Storm, the prequel novel to Battle for Azeroth, will be released you need wait no longer. However, you will need to wait a bit longer for the actual book.

Del Rey Books reveals the cover to Before the Storm If the reveal of Battle for Azeroth has you salivating for the novel Before the Storm, and the recent preview from this year’s BlizzCon didn’t do much to sate your booklust, don’t look to me for help. Because I am here to tantalize you with this — the cover to Before the Storm.

Before the Storm sample chapter up on Wowhead If you’re a lore fiend, or just play one on the internet, you may well be wondering what’s coming next for the Alliance and Horde. It turns out the 2017 BlizzCon goodie bag has one more bonus for people — it includes a sample chapter of Christie Golden’s upcoming novel Before the Storm.  Wowhead has the...

Upcoming Warcraft novel Before the Storm may link Legion to the next expansion Over the weekend, a tie-in novel for the next World of Warcraft expansion appeared on Amazon. World of Warcraft: Before the Storm is now available for pre-order.