Omnic Crisis

Know Your Lore: Moira O’Deorain and Overwatch’s continuing mysteries Is there such a thing as going too far in the pursuit of science? Most would say yes, there is a moral line that shouldn’t be crossed.

New Overwatch Zarya comic: Searching offers major reveals and a lot of questions A new Overwatch comic is now available, and it’s one that fans have been waiting for. Searching is the story of what happens just after the events of the Sombra Infiltration cinematic that debuted at BlizzCon last year.

Know Your Lore, Tinfoil Hat Edition: The fall of Overwatch Who benefits from a global disaster? Maybe that’s the question we should really be asking in reference to the Omnic Crisis.

omnic crisis
Know Your Lore: Global conspiracies and the Omnic Crisis From the beginning, Overwatch has always appeared to have a fairly straightforward story. Once upon a time, somewhere in our future, a global task force of heroes were brought together to fight a global threat.

Overwatch and the mystery of Sombra Blizzard fans are a persistent sort, especially when we come across unsolved mysteries — for years in vanilla, people tried to unravel the mysteries of Ashbringer entirely of their own accord, simply due to a few hints placed in game. Players had a similar fascination with the crypts beneath Karazhan, trying to figure out their...

Know Your Lore: The next generation of Overwatch We’ve spent several weeks talking about the history of the Overwatch organization — everything that’s gone before, from the Omnic Crisis to the infighting that led to the downfall of Overwatch itself to the global fallout from the Omnic Crisis that continues to affect the world. Winston had a plan and a vision for the...

Overwatch veterans: Reinhardt, Torbjörn and Mercy origins When Overwatch was first created to combat the Omnic Crisis, the general consensus was that only the best of the best would do for the team. Notable heroes from all over the world would take part.

Know Your Lore: Overwatch’s ongoing story Overwatch — the game being released on May 24 — doesn’t really have an overarching story. It’s not that type of game:  it’s a multiplayer first-person shooter, not an RPG.

Overwatch origins: Symmetra, Lúcio and the Vishkar Corporation The Omnic Crisis left the world in a semi-chaotic state, but it was a period of history filled with hope for the future, thanks to the efforts of the Overwatch team. Still, that didn’t mean that the world was automatically a wonderful place to live — all over the world, the effects of the Crisis...

Zarya and Overwatch’s second Omnic Crisis Other than the Overwatch agents that were directly involved with taking down the omnic uprising and saving the world, no one knows what really started the Omnic Crisis. However, reports were pretty specific with their references, pointing out that Overwatch took out the “force behind the uprising,” rather than simply wiping the omnics out.

Omnic Crisis fallout: Overwatch’s Junkrat and Roadhog origins The Omnic Crisis was pretty much that one explosive historical moment that served as the impetus for a lot of world-changing events on Earth in Overwatch. The few videos we’ve seen — like the museum footage from the Overwatch cinematic trailer — don’t really do the scope of the Crisis justice.

Fallen heroes – Overwatch’s Soldier: 76 and Reaper origins The Overwatch team may have solved the world’s biggest conflict to date when they came out victorious from the Omnic Crisis, but that didn’t mean the organization was flawless. In fact, much of Overwatch‘s current story has to do with the fallout after the Omnic Crisis was done and over with.

Overwatch Robots with Soul: Bastion and Zenyatta’s origins The Omnic Crisis was a world-wide catastrophe for Earth. Omniums, the facilities that created omnics, weren’t just relegated to one global region — which meant that when the omniums went rogue, the entire world was under attack.

Know Your Lore: Overwatch and the Omnic Crisis Overwatch is a little different from Blizzard’s standard fare. Rather than taking place on an imaginary world at some nebulous point in time, Overwatch is set on Earth, in the not-too-distant future — which makes it a little easier to relate to.

BlizzCon 2015: Comic Shorts for Overwatch Just announced at BlizzCon was the news that in addition to the already announced Overwatch graphic novel, which will explore the relationship between Soldier:76 and Reaper among other things, we’re also going to get a series of one-shot short comics set in the Overwatch universe.