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Patch 6.2 Ptr

WoW Patch 6.2 PTR patch notes update for April 29

A new release of patch 6.2 PTR patch note updates are now available, including several changes to professions and some tweaks to PVP. Alchemy, Fishing, Herbalism, Mining and Skinning all have new updates introduced, and all three gathering professions are now able to sometimes find Felblight, the new crafting reagent, while gathering materials in Tanaan Jungle.

Arcane Sanctum: A first look at patch 6.2 Mages

In this week’s Arcane Sanctum, we interrupt our look at Blackrock Foundry for an important announcement. Patch 6.2 is on the PTR and that means we have our first look at what the future holds for mages! First, let’s get this out of the way and just pull off the band-aid: these patch notes contain the sad news that Amplify Magic is going away. Some of you may find this sadder news than others. When I first read the patch notes, my immediate reaction was dismay. I’ve always enjoyed bringing utility to my raid. I liked having a cooldown I could use for the benefit of all. Unfortunately, it seems that Amplify Magic was just a little too beneficial.

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