What the heck is happening with Vol’jin in Battle for Azeroth? Vol’jin’s death at the beginning of Legion was devastating on a number of levels. Not only did the Horde lose its then-Warchief, but he was also killed by a lowly minion — not exactly the epic death Varian received.

What’s your biggest surprise moment in Legion? What’s been your biggest surprise moment in Legion so far? Was it the Broken Shore, when Varian, Vol’jin and Tirion all died?

Know Your Lore: Character death in World of Warcraft It’s not like the Warcraft setting is a stranger to death. I mean, it’s about war, and wars generally have death as a part and parcel of the experience.

Role Play: Horde roleplay in Legion The Alliance may have a lot to think about plot-wise this expansion, but the Horde has just as much going on – and none of it is particularly happy. Horde roleplay in Legion mirrors the Alliance.

Know Your Lore: Rise of the Banshee Queen What do you do when you’ve lost everything? It’s a question Sylvanas Windrunner likely asks herself every single day.

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Know Your Lore, Tinfoil Hat Edition: This isn’t the Legion we’ve fought before This one line from Genn Greymane as I ran the Broken Shore has stuck with me ever since I heard it. What did he even mean?

Know Your Lore: The value of defeat One of the complaints I and others aimed at Warlords of Draenor was that there was little of a narrative sense of anything being at stake on Draenor. Objectively, there was — there was a hostile army of militarized Orcs using advanced weapons of war who were eventually co-opted by a nefarious Orc Warlock for...

The Queue: With Swords For some reason, whenever I transmog on my Demon Hunter, I just transmog the warglaives to swords. I don’t know why I do this.

Know Your Lore: The Horde at the beginning of World of Warcraft When last I wrote a KYL for you all, I talked about the state of affairs on Azeroth at the start of World of Warcraft. Four years had passed since the mortal races banded together to stop the Burning Legion atop Mount Hyjal.

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Know Your Lore: Sylvanas Windrunner after the Cataclysm We talked last week about how Sylvanas dealt with her final attempt at revenge against Arthas, and the failure of that attempt. Yes, Arthas was dead, and yes, she helped bring it about — but it wasn’t her hand that fired the fatal arrow, and his ultimate demise left her unsatisfied and without purpose.

Know Your Lore: Warchief Vol’jin Warchief Vol’jin is an interesting anomaly in Warcraft lore — he leads the Horde, an organization originally formed by Thrall with its roots firmly embedded in Orc society, yet he’s a Troll. And he was promoted to this position after orchestrating the downfall of the last Orc Warchief, Garrosh Hellscream.

Know Your Lore: Familiar faces we hope to see in Legion Last week, I talked about several characters that I’d like to see make an appearance in the upcoming Legion expansion. I didn’t really think about it at the time, but several people pointed out that the list was pretty much Alliance characters.

Know Your Lore: The life and death of Cairne Bloodhoof in WoW When we last left our look at the Old Bull’s life we were at the end of the Horde battle in Dustwallow Marsh against Daelin Proudmoore. This was the end of the beginning of the new Horde established by Thrall, a collection of misfits who found unity in the shared values and purpose each held....

Know Your Lore: The origins of Cairne Bloodhoof He’s been dead since Cataclysm, but his life saw his people move from a nomadic existence in perpetual war against the marauding centaur to a part of the Horde, settled in Thunder Bluff and at last capable of securing their own future. His journey was the journey of his people, and who they are now...

The Queue: Blue blue eyes Howdy, everybody. So how about those Blizzard games and your questions about them?

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Know Your Lore: Why Grommash Hellscream shouldn’t die It's not just Grommash's character we're looking at here -- it's the entire state of the Horde as we know it. Did the Horde need Garrosh Hellscream?