Webcomic Wrapup

Webcomic Wrapup: We can be heroes Today we have a special double-dose of webcomics, as BlizzCon pre-empted last week’s wrapup. And while you may have seen some of these already… well, they’re all worth revisiting, right?

Webcomic Wrapup: And that’s a wipe We’ve all done it before, right? Put our blinders on and focused on doing the thing instead of paying attention to the world around us.

Webcomic Wrapup: Grunt work You’d think we’d be over the whole fetch quest thing by now. I mean, we’re heroes that have been fighting and doing good deeds for years and years at this point.

Webcomic Wrapup: Gnome tossing Yes, the title means exactly what you think it means. I mean, uh, probably, as long as what you think it means is the same as what I think it means.

Webcomic Wrapup: Portal roulette Okay, I hope this doesn’t lead to a game of portal roulette, but I’ve known a few Mages in my time and know they can have a sense of humor. A terrible sense of humor.

Webcomic Wrapup: World of Simcraft When did our favorite game turn into a math problem?┬áHonestly, probably since day one… but we all look back on the good old days with rose colored glasses, don’t we? But let’s get back to the important stuff: reading through this week’s webcomics.

Webcomic Wrapup: Great shot! Okay, so Chain Lightning isn’t really a skill shot. We can call it a good shot anyway, can’t we?

Webcomic Wrapup: Happy fel pools Petunia just looks so…cheery, doesn’t she? I suppose if I spent most of my days chilling in a hot tub I’d be pretty happy too.

Webcomic Wrapup: Albino Drake(s) Sorry, but drakes are only multiperson mounts in the comics. (I checked, just in case.) I guess I’ll contain my disappointment by catching up on this week’s webcomics.

Webcomic Wrapup: Star light, star bright Okay, fine, it’s not a star, but it’s definitely glowing. It’s an evil, green glow, but it’s definitely a glow, so it’s at least star-like.

Webcomic Wrapup: We wonder that a lot, too Why is always the question, but instead of thinking why we try to think why not. After all, the former will probably just give you a headache, so why not?

Webcomic Wrapup: Internet dragons Internet dragons are, hands-down, our favorite kind of dragons. Do webcomic dragons count as internet dragons?

Webcomic Wrapup: I can go twice as high A gryphon isn’t exactly a butterfly, but that line was honestly the first thing to come to mind when I looked at this panel. (And, no, I’m not sorry for getting it stuck in your head.

Webcomic Wrapup: Everyone is a cat now Overwatch characters as cats seems to have become a thing. I’m not really sure why, but I can’t deny the adorable.

Webcomic Wrapup: The fight I fight. Well, if that doesn’t sum up our entire MMO-playing existence, I don’t know what does.