Wow Arena Esports

Blizzard esports schedules, including Gamescom This weekend we’ll be seeing a ton of esports action from most of Blizzard’s titles. HGC is back from hiatus for part two, and Overwatch Contenders keeps on going.

Patron of War title returns to WoW If you missed out on the Patron of War title for your World of Warcraft characters,┬áit’s coming back during Gamescom. The title was first awarded last year for players who linked their Blizzard account to their Twitch account, then tuned in to see the North American Arena Regional Finals.

WoW’s arena pros give tips in new series In Blizzard esports, World of Warcraft‘s Arena competitions have less visibility than most of the others. They don’t command the huge stadiums of StarCraft or the ever-increasing pots seen in the Heroes Global Championship.

WoW Arena North American Finals details announced The World of Warcraft Arena season has been chugging right along, apparently, and is swiftly headed toward its season finals for each region. Blizzard has now released all the details for the North American championship finals.

BlizzCon 2016 esports champions crowned It was just a few short days of esports, but five world champions were crowned at BlizzCon 2016. Here’s a rundown of the final match ups of these championship competitions.