Returning to Karazhan: WoW Leveling Bonanza Episode 78 It’s a new week, and a fresh clear to get through! After last week’s exciting first steps into Karazhan, this week the leveling stream team heads back to Medivh’s house for a fresh run, a new opera to defeat, and a tower to clear out.

Into Karazhan: WoW livestream on Twitch at 2pm Central We’ve finally made it to Karazhan! With what little time we had left at the end of last week’s stream, we managed to conquer one of three Opera encounters, but we’re heading back in with a fresh start this week.

Knocking on Medivh’s Door: WoW Leveling Bonanza Episode 77 In this week’s leveling stream, the team only has one Mythic dungeon left to complete, and heads to Black Rook Hold to grab the last fragment Khadgar requires. After that, it’s just a few more brief side quests before they wander into Karazhan proper, where a warm welcome complete with stage show awaits them.

Fragment of Spite: WoW livestream on Twitch at 2pm Central On our path to Karazhan, Mythic Black Rook Hold stands as our next obstacle. Yes, we’re back in WoW after a couple weeks of Heroes of the Storm.

Flamesaber Interlude: WoW Leveling Bonanza Episode 76 In this week’s leveling stream, the leveling team heads back into the Nexus to kick some butt and finish up the For Azeroth! promotion quest for some sweet Primal Flamesaber mounts!

For…Azeroth? WoW Leveling Bonanza Episode 75 In this week’s leveling stream, the leveling team tackl…wait a minute. This should be WoW.

Lifetap, Alex: WoW Leveling Bonanza Episode 74 In this week’s leveling stream, the crew heads to Mythic Vault of the Wardens and Violet Hold in preparation for an eventual Return to Karazhan. Surprisingly, both dungeons are remarkably smooth sailing, give us plenty of time to also check out the holiday boss and help our healer work on some useful profession quests!

Vault of the Wardens
More Mythics: WoW livestream on Twitch at 2pm Central We continue down the road to Karazhan and that means running more Mythics. Black Rook Hold, Violet Hold, and Vault of the Wardens are all potential options.

Mythically Valorous: WoW Leveling Bonanza Episode 73 In this week’s leveling stream, the team tries out their very first Mythic dungeon! After proving ourselves to Odyn for the umpteenth time, we’re now on our way to completing the requirements for Return to Karazhan.

Mythic adventures: WoW livestream on Twitch at 2pm Central We’ve got some work to do before we hit Karazhan, but we’re at the point where it’s time to try a Mythic dungeon. And what better dungeon to start off with than the Halls of Valor, where we can begin the attunement process and prove ourselves to Odyn…again?

Vault of the Wardens
Laser Light Show: WoW Leveling Bonanza Episode 72 In this week’s leveling stream, the team hits up two dungeons and a world raid boss to get some more gear – next stop, Mythic dungeons…or at least, we hope so. And hey would you look at that, a legendary happened to appear while we were taking care of business!

In pursuit of gear: WoW livestream on Twitch at 2pm Central Our stream team will continue its pursuit of better gear today. We may be doing World Quests, we may be doing dungeons, we may be doing whatever it takes to boost that sweet, sweet ilevel.

Taking time for ourselves: WoW Leveling Bonanza Episode 71 In this week’s leveling stream, the team decides to try and tackle the Timewalking weekly world quest. Why?

Directionless: WoW livestream on Twitch at 2pm Central Having missed last week’s stream, I’m not sure just what exactly we’re going to be up to this week. All I know is we definitely shouldn’t ask Hattie.

War of the Ancient Fashions: WoW Leveling Bonanza Episode 70 In this week’s leveling stream, we continue tackling World Quests to gear up for the path ahead. Down one Anne Stickney this week, conversation drifts to ancient fashion sense and debates over which members of the team are Cylons.

Maw of Souls
Class shenanigans: WoW livestream on Twitch at 2:30pm Central You know what we should probably all be doing? Finishing our Class Hall campaigns — and there are dungeons to complete on that particular journey.