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BlizzConOct 31, 2018 10:00 am CT

Here’s what some of the top cosplayers are working on for BlizzCon

BlizzCon is almost here! This Friday the doors of the Anaheim convention center will open and we’ll finally get to see all the best projects that Blizzard has been working on — but Blizzard isn’t the only one who’s been hard at work. Cosplayers of every stripe have been working their fingers to the bone getting costumes ready. Each year hundreds of people go to the convention dressed as their favorite characters and objects from Blizzard’s universes. Some hope to win glory in the costume contest, others just want to show their love of the characters or hope to impress their favorite voice actor.

Every year the costumes get better and more intricate — the things that these crafters can do with Worbla and foam will blow your mind! Here are just a few examples of people to keep an eye out for if you’re attending the show. They’re bringing their best work and hope to see you there!


KazulGFox won last years Cosplay contest with her amazing Hogger suit. It was so lifelike that even the Stormwind Guards locked her up. This year her partner FrosteeFox will be walking the halls as a Goatman from Diablo.


Faebelina, artist extraordinaire will be doing her first cosplay this year! She’s going as her own Night Elf, all dressed up and ready for a ball. If you’re interested in saying hello, she’ll be at Con Before the Storm signing stuff! Not only will she be there, but you can also go and meet our very own Mitch, Rachelle, and Matticus who are going to be signing at the same time!

Little Sparkz — who you may remember as Chromie — is going as Malfurion this year. Light up wings, an amazing staff, and giant antlers are certainly going to make her stand out from the pack. She’ll also be attending Con Before the Storm, so make sure that you get an autograph.

New Troll here! Egg Sisters cosplay will be representing the Zandalari Trolls. All that gold must weigh a ton — but I’m more impressed with how high the hair is standing up.


Ashley Oshley is going as Lady McCree. There’s been some speculation that we’re going to be getting a McCree cinematic, so this could end up being the perfect cosplay to have come with.

Effekted Cosplay has an amazing Wrecking Ball cosplay. There’s no word on whether or not there’ll be a real hamster in that ball.

KeltonFX’s made a custom male version of Symmetra. He says this costume took 13 months of work, and I believe it. The back is motorized, there are latex molds of his face, and the whole thing is lit with LED lights.

Project Ebon Blade

Project Ebon Blade was started this summer by artist Zach Fischer and Hoku Props. Working with scores of cosplayers, they designed alternate versions of major World of Warcraft characters — as Death Knights. You can expect to see more skulls then ever before! There’s too many to list them all here, but they’ll be out in force representing the Lich King.

Jessica Nigri is bringing High Inquisitor Whitemane to unlife. I’d say her chapeau looks just as good in black as it does in red.

Hoku Props didn’t just help design costumes but also stepped into the role of Bolvar Fordragon, The Lich King. His cloak even lights up!

Fallen King Wrynn is in the capable hands of HDCCosplay. Gul’dan’s touch left him a little shattered, but nothing that the Lich King couldn’t put back together.

We’re sure to see plenty more at the convention itself — but do you have a favorite so far?

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