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Need Prismatic Manapearls? Here is every activity and farming spot you can find them

Prismatic Manapearls are the main currency in Nazjatar, and while they have a variety of uses, they can be difficult to farm. You need a lot in order to upgrade all of your Benthic gear, as well as buying rank 3 of your Essences. They can also be used to buy cosmetic items like the Ankoan Waveray/Unshackled Waveray, Pearlescent Glimmershell pet, and Symbol of Gral toy. The good news is that you can get Manapearls from nearly every activity in Nazjatar. If you’re questing normally around Nazjatar and doing your dailies and killing a couple rares, you can get around 20-30 Manapearls each day. But what if you want more?

Here are the best ways to farm Prismatic Manapearls.

World quests and follower quests

The quests in Nazjatar are your most reliable source of Manapearls each day. The daily follower quests reward 2 Manapearls each, so you can get 6 each day by doing all three quests. There will generally be a couple world quests each day that also reward Manapearls, though the amount is random and they can give anywhere from 3-7. Make sure you’ve completed all the side quests in Nazjatar, like Mardivas’ quests, to ensure that all the world quests are unlocked.

The daily requisition quests from the NPCs in your faction’s base, however, are completely randomized. Not only are the rewards randomized for each quest — meaning that the same quest could give different rewards from one day to the next — but they aren’t even consistent for characters. You might get a Manapearl reward that day on your main character, but your guildmate or your alt character could get Azerite or gold instead.

If the emissary is up for Waveblade Ankoan or The Unshackled, it will give you 25 Manapearls for completing four Nazjatar world quests.

Rares and elites

All the rares in Nazjatar have a chance to drop Manapearls, generally from 1-3. It’s not a guaranteed drop, but they’re worth it to kill when they spawn if you’re nearby.

There are also rare events like Azshara’s Elite Commanders if you have War Mode turned off. It can also spawn in War Mode shards that are heavily skewed toward one faction. Five commanders will spawn on the map and each one drops 2 Manapearls. These tend to be killed quickly unless there are few people in the zone. You’re likely to get to just one while they’re up, and if you’re quick and have flying you can sometimes get to another.

Two wandering mobs can be found around the zone that you can farm for Manapearls once per day: Lost Algan and Wayward Algan. The Manapearls aren’t a guaranteed drop, but the loot lock also doesn’t kick in until they actually drop. So you can keep farming these each day until you get Manapearls from both. The Manapearl drops trigger a hidden tracking quest that you can check with two scripts.

/dump IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(56915)

/dump IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(56916)

If you’re dead-set on farming something, the hydras in the Western part of Nazjatar have a small chance to drop Intact Naga Skeleton. Opening it will give you about 3 Manapearls. Mrrl also sometimes sells the Grimy Manapearl Bracelet which will give 3 Manapearls when opened.

Treasure Chests

Treasure chests can also contain Manapearls and there are a few different types in the zone. We have the regular treasure chests that everyone can see, though they can often be located in areas difficult to reach. Wowhead commenters posted a list of coordinates for the location of every Arcane Chest. Use the Paste addon to enter all the coordinates as waypoints in TomTom (my addon works fine, but if you have trouble with Paste, CopyPasta is an updated version).

Using Scrying Stones can uncover hidden Glimmering Chests. The buff lasts for 5 minutes and the chests are located all over the zone. To maximize your chest yield, the Wowhead commenters also posted a list of all the hidden chest coordinates.

The third type of chest, and the most rare, is the Glowing Arcane Trunk. These are tied to mini-games in the zone. Some require matching up a certain number and color of the runes in the Bejeweled game, others need to unlock leylines, and some are arcane games. Here is a list of the coordinates and the game information for each chest. Opening all the Arcane Chests and Arcane Trunks will get you the Trove Tracker achievement.

War Mode

If you have the stomach and patience for world PVP, having War Mode on will increase your Manapearl yield. The Enlisted buff that increases rewards from world quests also applies to Manapearls. The buff starts at 10% but can go as high as 30% if your faction is underrepresented.

On faction-balanced War Mode shards, Battle for Nazjatar, the equivalent event for Azshara’s Elite Commanders, will award 10 Manapearls just for participating.

Mardivas’ Laboratory

The weekly quest in Mardivas’ Laboratory not only gives a good chunk of reputation, but it also rewards 5 Manapearls. The mobs that you spawn with the Arcanocrystals also have a chance to drop Manapearls. It appears that the mobs spawned by empowering a Lesser Arcanocrystal can drop a single Manapearl, while the named mobs from empowering both the Lesser and Greater Arcanocrystals can drop 3.


And finally, sometimes you can get missions that will reward Manapearls. One mission in particular will give 6 Manapearls as the base reward (Alliance: Land Ahoy!, Horde: Batten The Hatches). These have a longer timer and will require using Grand Admiral Jes-Tereth/Dread-Admiral Tattersail. The other missions that reward Benthic tokens as the base reward can also give Manapearls for reaching the bonus reward.

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