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Discussion > WoWNov 20, 2019 8:00 am CT

When do you think we’ll ever see a new class added to World of Warcraft?

We’ve gotten a few new classes in World of Warcraft over the years — Death Knights, Monks, and Demon Hunters — as main features of Wrath, Mists, and Legion, respectively. It hasn’t quite alternated with new races, but it’s been a pretty consistent feature over the years. But I have to wonder — is it time to accept that the game has enough classes?

As of right now, WoW has 12 classes and 36 specs in total. Demon Hunters have 2 and Druids have 4, while everyone else has 3. That’s a lot of classes and specs to even try to balance. Back in the old days, we had one class that actually tanked and two more that were theoretically capable of it, with a fourth that could tank in dungeons if you squinted. (Yes, I’m talking about Shaman tanks, they were a thing back then.) Nowadays, we have Monks, Paladins, Demon Hunters, Druids, Death Knights, and Warriors all capable of tanking — that’s six tank specs to balance. That’s a lot, and it’s very rare when I can honestly say that we’re even close to achieving anything like parity between them.

The amount of melee DPS classes and specs we have is even more staggering, with 3 Rogue specs, 2 Warrior specs, 2 Death Knight specs, a Shaman spec, a Paladin spec, a Demon Hunter spec, a Druid spec, and a Monk spec, for 12 total melee DPS specs. Ranged DPS? 3 Warlock, 3 Mage, a Priest, a Druid, 2 Hunter specs (with one kind of a hybrid range/melee spec), and 1 Shaman spec for 11ish ranged specs. We have Paladin, 2 Priest, Shaman, Monk, and Druid healers for about six healing specs on top of everything else.

Then, in addition to balancing all of those classes and specs, there’s the simple question of do we need another class? What will it bring to the table? What lore, what coolness factor will it embody that we don’t already have? Demon Hunters are very cool, but in order to make them work we needed to take Metamorphosis away from Warlocks and they’ve never forgiven the loss.

So I ask you — will we ever get another class in World of Warcraft? Or have we gotten as many as we’re ever going to need?

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