The Warrior’s Charge: Tanking nerfs and Prot Warrior DPS By now we’ve all seen that Blizzard is going to nerf tank damage across the board. I’ll just flat out say it: Warrior AOE is pretty good (not nearly as good as Monk s or Demon Hunter s, but pretty solid) but our single target DPS is, at best, adequate.

A meditating mistweaver
Watcher provides a class balance update During last week’s Legion Q&A, Ion “Watcher” Hazzikostas mentioned a number of balance hotfixes would be coming down the pipe this week, but most of those balance changes have been put on hold. The developers have decided it would be premature to make sweeping balance changes before the full breadth of endgame content is available...

The Warrior’s Charge: Tanking Design in the Legion beta I’m writing this column purely from a Warrior standpoint, and purely as someone who has tanked on a Warrior and Death Knight . I will say that so far I prefer DK tanking in Legion┬áto Warrior tanking.

Tanking and Healing changes in the Legion alpha If you’re paying attention to the Legion alpha, you probably already know that there have been some changes to how Active Mitigation tanking works. Essentially, the design’s being tweaked to reduce AM ability uptime.

The Warrior’s Charge: How class balance changes When we first got the news about Legion, I wrote this post and I said in it that Demon Hunter s weren’t taking our jobs. And that much is true — despite the fact that the Demon Hunter will be a third tank/DPS class (joining Warrior s and Death Knight s) and a sixth tank...

Tanking for Beginners: Getting started Tanking in a massively multiplayer game like World of Warcraft is when certain classes (Monks, Death Knights, Warriors, Paladins and Druids, in the case of WoW) choose a specialization and perform a role that is intended to keep the monsters in a dungeon or raid focused on said tank, and not instead on the healers or damage dealers in the group. You may already have known that, but it can be useful to establish basics right up front.

Tank representation in the Proving Grounds News broke recently of a brewmaster monk player named Big reaching a record 198 waves in the tank version of the Proving Grounds. You can see the video here, and the level of concentration and skill involved blows me away.