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Discussion > WoWJun 10, 2021 8:00 am CT

Where in the world of Warcraft do you want to go next?

Shadowlands can’t last forever; regardless of what the Jailer and Sylvanas do over the next few patches, at some point we’ll be venturing somewhere new. Perhaps it’ll be in the current expansion, like how we went from the Broken Isles to Nazjatar and Mechagon during Battle for Azeroth, or we may just have to wait until the next expansion like we’ve done so many times before. And while it may seem premature to broach the question, the tidbits and clues that Blizzard tends to scatter throughout always keep me mindful of what they might be planning next.

Take the Dragon Isles, for example. They’ve been a place the developers have been thinking of using since the original alpha, and even remained on maps until Wrath of the Lich King, albeit unnamed. In Battle for Azeroth, we got our first canonical mention of the place, and for awhile it was a contender for the destination of the current expansion. For me, the Dragon Isles have always been a hope not for a new locale, but for a dragon-based player race, like D&D‘s Dragonborn or the Dragonkin of Paizo’s Pathfinder setting. I’m not saying I’d race-change all my characters to Warcraft‘s version of a draconic race, but my wallet would feel pain.

There’s also a lot of Azeroth to explore; unless the rest of the planet is ocean, there’s a good chunk of empty map left to populate. Two unknown Titan facilities were name-dropped in BFA — Uldaz and Uldorus — so there’s potential that they’re still out there somewhere. Throw in the fact that we haven’t gotten a new continent since Pandaria, and it almost feels like the time is ripe for us to discover a land that the titan keepers have forgotten but others (Azshara, perhaps?) have not.

Of course, just because we leave the Shadowlands doesn’t mean we won’t travel to a different Cosmic Plane. The Dreadlords are still out there enacting their plans, and it wouldn’t surprise me if some point soon they become the primary antagonist we have to deal with. Maybe our next visit will be to the Plane of Life, combining elements of the Emerald Dream and Ardenweald, or maybe the Naaru aren’t fully to be trusted after all and we venture to the Plane of Light.

Where do you think the game should take us next? Do you want to spend more time on Azeroth, or perhaps venture once more into the Great Beyond? If the latter, do you want to land on a new world (please, not Draenor again), or tangle with powerful cosmic entities? If the former, are you looking for a new world to explore, or would you be content with known locations revamped to bring them up to date? Elune knows the Blood Elf lands really could use a makeover.

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