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WoWMar 20, 2023 7:00 pm CT

Catch up on what’s in WoW patch 10.0.7, now live!

Dragonflight patch 10.0.7 will offer a sizable amount of content to explore when it goes live on March 21. the ominous Forbidden Reach, explore the Zskera Vaults, assemble a potent magical ring that has a name that makes everyone think it’s a necklace, watch Retribution Paladins actually experience a moment of joy (plus other class changes), and a whole lot more besides.

It’s a jam packed patch, y’all, so expect plenty to do when the servers come up tomorrow.

Here’s an overview of patch 10.0.7’s features:

  • New zone: The Forbidden Reach, which we last saw as the Dracthyr leveling experience.
  • New quests: A new campaign quest will send us through the Forbidden Reach, where we’ll learn more about the creation of the Dracthyr. We’ll also see Baine again, with a new quest chain in Ohn’ahran Plains.
  • New activity: The Zskera Vaults, which will allow players to gather the Primordial Stones and craft their own version of the Onyx Annulet ring.
  • New faction: Winterpelt Furbolg are available to be our allies, if we can learn their mysterious and unique language. They can be found in the Azure Span, and you may have done some questing with them already. This will not be a new Renown track.
  • Faction Envoys: Speak to these envoys to champion one of the major Dragonflight factions for 10% bonus Renown for the day.
  • New Dragonriding abilities: Collect new glyphs in the Forbidden Reach to learn how to hover on your Dragonriding mount.
  • Class changes: There’s been a major rework for Retribution Paladins, as well as a mountain of changes for other classes.
  • New class combos: Lightforged Draenei, Worgen, and Goblins can be Monks.
  • Heritage Armor: New Heritage Armor quests for Orcs and Humans. There will also be new hair colors for Orcs and Humans, which may not actually be related but is still pretty cool.
  • Collectables:host of new pets and mounts to discover and befriend.

One thing that didn’t make it into this patch are the holiday updates promised in the original Dragonflight 2023 roadmap didn’t make it into the patch. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t see holidays getting reworked: Ion Hazzikostas has said the team is looking to continually update holidays long-term. So it sounds like this is still on the agenda, though we aren’t sure when it will happen.

That’s the basics of patch 10.0.7, but let’s go into more depth about some of big features coming with the patch.

Returning to the Forbidden Reach

This is perhaps the most exciting part of patch 10.0.7, because it sets up the next chapter of the expansion’s story. Blizzard has confirmed that what happens in the Forbidden Reach will set up the next chapter of Dragonflight, patch 10.1 — already on the PTR — which we know will feature a new raid, new zone, and the start of Dragonflight Season 2.

If you’ve played a Dracthyr, you’ve already been to the Forbidden Reach. If you haven’t, you just need to know that it’s the part of the  Dragon Isles where the Dracthyr were held in stasis for nearly 20,000 years, and also the former prison of recently deceased Primal Incarnate Raszageth. This will be the first new open content available in Dragonflight since it was released, similar to Suramar in Legion or Nazjatar in Battle for Azeroth.

The zone will have both repeatable world content as well as a quest campaign, so expect to see storyline quests, regular weekly and world quests, and potentially even a new World Boss. We know from Blizzard’s Forbidden Reach overview that there will be a new event, the Mega-Storm, for players to interact with. You can also begin battling various rare or elite mobs in the world and begin gathering the means to create and enhance your own Onyx Annulet, a ring with the ability to be customized to suit your specific gameplay needs.

New content on the Dragon Isles

Patch 10.0.7 may be a bridge to the upcoming story in patch 10.1, but it isn’t just about the future: there’s a lot of content coming to the original Dragon Isles zones. The Faction Envoys allow the four principal factions of Dragonflight to be unlocked in a more focused way, with a 10% buff to reputation gains for the faction you choose to champion. You’ll find these envoys in the first area we encounter in the Forbidden Reach, so you won’t have to look very hard to start representing your chosen faction, and you can swap factions on daily basis to collect Renown for exactly who you want.. There’s also a new faction, the Winterpelt Furbolg, back in the Azure Span for us to make friends with.

And in addition to the new campaign in the Forbidden Reach, we’ll meet up with Baine Bloodhoof for a new quest in  the Ohn’ahran Plains. And of course jam our noses into Baine’s business, because we’re still not over Cairne’s death — well, I’m not, anyway — and we want to make sure he’s okay. Meanwhile, Orcs and Humans have new Heritage Armor to collect and new hair colors so they can look as pretty as possible for the Forbidden Reach, there are a host of class changes for practically every class,  as well as the addition of Lightforged Draenei, Worgen, and Goblin Monks.

There’s a lot coming in patch 10.0.7, as the patch notes are chock full of stuff, so take a look and get ready for the fun as we return to the Forbidden Reach, where we’ll explore the aftermath of the Primal Incarnate’s escape from the Vault of the Incarnates.

Originally published January 31, 2023; updated March 20, 2023

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