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The Queue

The Queue: Happy Valentine’s Day!

If video games are to be believed, in Japan the tradition on Valentine’s Day is for girls to give a boy they like some chocolate. However, it’s generally considered a good idea not to have all the girls you’re interested in show up at the same time. Hoo boy.

While I try to remember what I’m supposed to do on this special day, let’s answer some questions!

The Queue: Bah Humbug.

I am extremely grumpy today, mostly because I’ve come down with my third communicable illness since the start of the year. I got all my seasonal shots and take vitamins and exercise and eat right, but that won’t stop germs, I guess.

This is The Queue, our daily column where you ask us questions and we’ll pop your balloon.

The Queue: I don’t know what we’re yelling about

Even World of Warcraft got in on the fun last night from the Super Bowl!

Although at this point I have no idea what is happening in the original moment and at this point I’m too afraid to ask. So until then, I guess I’m just wondering what everyone’s yelling about!

Is it lamp?

While I try and get to the bottom of this, it’s time for — The Queue!

The Queue: Disney spent 1.5 billion dollars to get Epic to make a Disney version of Fortnite

We are one step closer to a future where hyperactive AI wearing corporations like armor suits do battle through global media consumption. I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if I live to see us in tanks with wires directly into our brains playing this game Disney and Epic are going to make.

It’s the Queue. I’m terrified of the future.

The Queue: I’ve never been so hyped for a game in my entire life

The game is Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth, releasing in 22 days for the PS5 (and a few months later for other platforms). There was a Sony State of Play showcasing it last night and… aggghhhh. I’m beyond sold. I can’t wait. I absolutely cannot wait.

But since I have to wait, let’s do this Queue thing in which I use pictures to try to sell it to others as well.

The Queue: What an excellent owl

This is an excellent owl model. I’m very glad that I get to spend some of the time flying around looking pretty similar to it. Even if I’ll likely never get the actual fire form unlocked unless I get very lucky in a future expansion.

Maybe excellent isn’t the right word for it. I’m sure that there’s another word for this owl that is similar to excellent, but maybe starts with an s.

While I ponder that, it’s time for — The Queue!

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