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The Queue

The Queue: Antisocial

On the one hand, I’m really jonesing to get back into raiding in World of Warcraft. On the other hand, I’m really enjoying spending absolutely no time socializing at all while playing Wrath of the Righteous. 

So yeah, I’m torn.

This is the Queue. I’m hiding from people. People are scary.

Okay, well, not you guys. You’re okay.

The Queue: Some Catching Up To Do

Am I the only one who was reminded of all the stuff I didn’t quite get around to in previous expansions when they announced Legion Timewalking? I feel like every year or so I find myself back in this heckhouse, trying to muscle my way through all these old achievements. Maybe I’ll get to it later.

This is The Queue, where you ask us questions and we’ll definitely get around to answering. Eventually.

The Queue: Happy long weekend!

It’s a long weekend! Or it was the long weekend, depending on when you’re reading this. Time’s tricky like that.

I had a pretty good weekend. Took care of some errands that needed to be taken care of, killed some bosses, ate a giant cinnamon bun that I found frozen in the freezer. Great job past Cory for leaving that there! Monday I’m going to be helping my Mom cut up a bunch of the apples from her yard to make pies, so that’s gonna be delicious too!

While I try and cram a little more relaxation into my weekend, it’s time for — The Queue.

The Queue: Eye have made a terrible mistake

Seriously, doing a Queue after Cory’s massive optical pun extravaganza 2021 was not a  great idea for the guy who gets routine injections and occasional laser blasts to his retina, burning holes in it. But what I want doesn’t matter, when what I’ve chosen is at hand — a Tuesday Queuesday, as it were.

I was going to use a header image of C’thun for this, but then I remembered Ashkandi has a big eyeball in the hilt, and here we are.

I’m listening to Gladiator by Zayde Wolf.  Now you can too!

The Queue: Better than a poke in the eye

The Mythic Eye of the Jailer is no more! For this week anyway. My guild has managed to see the path forward and didn’t blink in the face of adversity to come out victorious! I know how much you all love living vitreously through my raid updates. Even if sometimes they’re a bit cornea. I can only hope that I can lead by example and be a teacher for you, my beloved pupils. Just don’t lash out at me for these puns.

How does one celebrate after killing a giant eyeball? Well, it turns out that we celebrate by killing some Val’kyr too. The Mythic Nine wound up not being as difficult as the Eye, but I think that’s mainly because we were just trying to brute force a mechanic rather than deal with it the right way. With them down we’re now 3/10 Mythic, but we still haven’t done Heroic Sylvanas. In theory, the first three Mythic bosses were easier than her, I guess eye’ll see next week!

While I dodge all the rotten fruit that is undoubtedly being thrown at me, it’s time for — The Queue.

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