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The Queue

The Queue: Mecha-Done

It’s finally over. I’ve done everything on Mechagon island required of me to get the keys to the shiny Monocycle. I am Mecha-Done. I really liked Mechagon when it first came out in 8.2. After the struggles to get the last things necessary for the achievement — I like it a little less.

It was a lot. But it’s over now and it’s time for — the Queue.

The Queue: I was born for this day

Door explodes outward in a shower of splinters as deranged man throws himself through it, landing on the floor in a heap.

Did someone say pet themed Queue?

Armed men attempt to halt the original man, but he explodes in a whirlwind of shocking violence, an almost operatic display of raw, primordial destruction utilizing a T-Rex jaw clamped around a ridiculously outsized sword with a large eye in the hilt.

My three cats, Aurora, Sasquatch and Puck and my dog Marrina are all named after characters from the Canadian superhero team Alpha Flight. Pictured above is Marrina, my dog, named for Marrina Smallwood, the aquatic alien member of the team.

The Queue: Cat

I currently cannot see my cat because of the quarantine. I mean, it’s technically a family cat that lives with my parents, but I consider him my cat because he loves me so much and also I love him. I’ve visited from a safe distance twice, but I’m pretty sure he’s at least half blind, so he just kind of looked super confused to be outside and didn’t really seem to realize I was there. I can’t wait until I can finally see him again.

But enough about my cat. It’s Queue time.

The Queue: Catching Up

You ever have a friend you haven’t seen in a while, but you’re curious (and a little afraid) where they may have gone? You’ve lost touch a bit so you can’t really contact them, and the radio silence is making you really, really nervous? Picture unrelated.

This is The Queue, where you ask us questions and then we answer them, assuming they don’t save the world from the Burning Legion and then disappear.

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