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The Queue

The Queue: Comfort food, but with gaming instead

There are games that I play because they are familiar and require no real thought. Games I’ve played and played and played and played. Mass Effect 2 and 3. All the Dragon Age games, especially 2 and InquisitionDiablo 3. Definitely Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. And while I love new games and can’t wait for a bunch of them to come out, right now, I’m very okay with my current dive into old friends as a means to cope with all the things happening in the world today.

This is the Queue.

The Queue: Batman Beyond was the best Batman

Batman Beyond was my favorite piece of Batman media in the past 100 years. Basically, if you take every single thing Batman has ever appeared in, ever, and yes I’m including the Brave and the Bold cartoon, then Batman Beyond is not only my favorite, if you said you were about to press a button and destroy all appearances of Batman that ever existed and I could only save one, it would be Batman Beyond. It has Kevin Conroy’s best turn as Bruce Wayne, some of the best writing that really deals with the fact that Bruce Wayne may care a lot but is absolutely terrible at showing it and what the consequences of that are, and man, I really enjoy Will Friedle as Terry. He manages to be a different kind of Batman while still be recognizably Batman.

Standouts for me are the opening few episodes establishing the character, the future Justice League episode, and the Return of the Joker movie which features an excellent turn by Mark Hamill and the Ras al Ghul episode with Talia and the line “You? She kissed me.”

Plus the show had a great opening.

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