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Dragonflight adds new Soft Target mode which lets you interact with targets at a glance

The latest alpha build for World of Warcraft's forthcoming expansion Dragonflight included a new feature coded as "Soft Targeting." An alternative to the standard tab target or click-to-interact that WoW players have been using for years, the soft target feature will automatically target an NPC or enemy within medium range that your camera is centered on -- you don't have to get right in their face, thankfully, but casters and hunters will find it hard to start combat from maximum range with this feature.

Patch 6.1 adds new colorblind support UI

Colorblind support was added to World of Warcraft all the way back in Cataclysm, but it's getting a big revamp in the way of a facelift and new, better controls in patch 6.1. A new Accessibility section has been added to the Interface menu, and players can access three different accessibility options from the new menu -- the Movepad, UI Colorblind Mode, and Colorblind Filters.

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