Alexstrasza enters the Nexus alongside this week’s free hero rotation It’s a brand-new week and that means a brand-new free rotation in Heroes of the Storm. But, more excitingly, today should herald the arrival of dragon queen Alexstrasza.

Alexstrasza’s in-development video reveals more skins, plus some awesome sprays She may have only been announced a week ago, but Alexstrasza is not only already on the Heroes of the Storm PTR, she’s also been given the in-development video treatment. While we’ve had some idea of the skins she’ll have waiting for us to collect in the Nexus, we hadn’t seen them all in proper...

Alexstrasza hits the Nexus in latest Heroes of the Storm PTR Blizzard is wasting no time in rolling out its latest hero announced on Friday at BlizzCon to the Heroes of the Storm PTR. The ranged support champion Alexstrasza, the Dragonqueen, is now live on the Public Test Realm along with a major Li Li rework, a new event, and various bug fixes.

Check out Alexstrasza in all her glory in latest Heroes spotlight At BlizzCon 2017, Heroes of the Storm announced Hanzo and Alexstrasza as the next additions to the game’s roster. Today, Heroes of the Storm released its Alexstrasza hero spotlight, presenting her abilities and playstyle in a clear format.

BlizzCon 2017: Hands on with Alexstrasza and Hanzo in Heroes of the Storm I had a chance to sit down at the demo stations here at BlizzCon to get my hands on the newly announced champions for Heroes of the Storm, Alexstrasza a ranged support and Hanzo a ranged assassin. After a hype-inducing cinematic introduction at the Opening Ceremony, I was ready to give both these newcomers a...

BlizzCon 2017: Hanzo, Alexstrasza, and more coming to Heroes of the Storm During the BlizzCon Opening Ceremony, Heroes of the Storm revealed Hanzo of Overwatch and Alexstrasza of World of Warcraft will be the next additions to its roster. Hanzo will be a nimble ranged assassin and scout, while Alexstraza will be, you know, a dragon via her Dragon Queen trait.

Who doesn’t get a fair shake in Warcraft? Azeroth must be a terrible place to live. There are disasters around every corner, and tragedy eventually finds everyone.

Know Your Lore: The World Trees of Azeroth Scattered around Azeroth are a handful of massive, awe-inspiring trees that dwarf the world around them. World Trees aren’t just in the world to conveniently house Night Elf populations, however.

Know Your Lore: The Fall of the Titan Keepers When last we talked about the Titan-Forged, they’d defeated the Old Gods and imprisoned them deep within Azeroth itself, then began their process of shaping the world in order to preserve its World-Soul and shepherd it to awakening as potentially the greatest of the Titans. Highkeeper Ra and Helya shaped the Elemental Planes and sealed...

Know Your Lore: The War of the Ancients The War of the Ancients was one of the defining moments of Azeroth’s history — after all, it was responsible for the Sundering that shaped the world into the continents we know today. When people usually talk about the War of the Ancients, it’s to discuss the upheaval in Night Elf society.