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American Truck Simulator

The Queue: Endless waiting edition

Did you ever wait for something for so long, the waiting made it so whatever you were waiting for couldn’t possibly measure up? The anticipation was almost better, almost more fun, than the thing you ultimately ended up with? Where — even if you weren’t excited to begin with — the period you spent waiting meant you just built up the experience in your head so that the reality ended up falling flat?

Just asking for a friend.

The Queue: Blizzard who?

E3 is going on now, so I expected to be super excited about some new upcoming games this week. Final Fantasy VII, of course, maybe a few indies. I love oddball little indies — I’m pretty sure I have Annapurna Interactive’s whole catalog on my Steam wishlist at this point. What I didn’t count on was falling in love with Helen, but the heart wants what it wants.

Although I’m already making plans for my hacker granny murder squad, I’ll tear myself away briefly to A some Qs.

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