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The Queue: Oh no he’s going to talk about Barbarians again

Look, I’m really playing a ton of Diablo 3 right now. I’ll be back in WoW as soon as 7.3 drops, but until it does, I simply do not care about it at all. And I’m fine with that. D3 is absolutely holding my attention and the only reason I’m not Paragon 300 or more on my Seasonal Hero is because I don’t want to pull ahead of my wife who has been too sick to play this week, so I’m leveling some alts. My Crusader and my Monk are getting some love.

But come on, for me it’s always about the Barbarian and her OP for Torment VII Whirlwind build. I’m actually wearing the Immortal King helm, belt and using the Boulder Breaker so I can hit 4 piece IK and 6 piece Wastes (I have a ring that lets me hit a set bonus with 1 less piece, so I can hit those with 3 IK and 5 Wastes pieces) and it is sweet to have my Ancients always around while Whirlwinding for 800% damage and a ton of Fury.

Anyway, let’s talk Blizzard and games.

The Queue: The future of Rossi’s Renegades, Ashkandi and other swords of Lothar, DirecTV

It’s the Queue, where we talk about Blizzard games. You ask questions, a rotating panel of Blizzard Watch staffers (including me) answer them. Sometimes I might be writing this while listening to my old Prong albums. Can you guess what song? I bet you can.

Yeah, I know the Rossi’s Renegades thing isn’t going to actually stick. Let me have just one day, okay?

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