Know Your Lore: Moira O’Deorain and Overwatch’s continuing mysteries Is there such a thing as going too far in the pursuit of science? Most would say yes, there is a moral line that shouldn’t be crossed.

What other Overwatch events would you like to see? Since Uprising will be gone as of May 1st, I’m thinking about the future and whether or not we’ll see anything like it ever again. There’s a lot of Overwatch history we could explore in the manner of Uprising — the whole of the Omnic Crisis, lots of Blackwatch missions against Talon, the fall —...

Know Your Lore: King’s Row and Overwatch Uprising When we initially heard the story behind the Overwatch organization, it was pretty straightforward. A group is formed to counter a crisis, the group is successful, and the group’s popularity wanes over time until it’s finally disbanded.

New Overwatch comic: Uprising A new Overwatch comic has just been released — and this time, we’re going back. Way back, all the way to the period of time before Overwatch was originally disbanded.

Know Your Lore, Tinfoil Hat Edition: The fall of Overwatch Who benefits from a global disaster? Maybe that’s the question we should really be asking in reference to the Omnic Crisis.

Know Your Lore: Overwatch’s Sombra origins When the Omnic Crisis hit the world, Overwatch was there to respond and eventually defeat the Omnic threat. But what of the people that weren’t heroes – those who lost their homes, their family and friends, everything they ever knew?

Overwatch’s McCree and the Deadlock Gang The Overwatch team was extraordinarily clever during the height of their popularity after the Omnic Crisis was brought to an end. Using their resources and connections, they dismantled plenty of underground criminal organizations.

Fallen heroes – Overwatch’s Soldier: 76 and Reaper origins The Overwatch team may have solved the world’s biggest conflict to date when they came out victorious from the Omnic Crisis, but that didn’t mean the organization was flawless. In fact, much of Overwatch‘s current story has to do with the fallout after the Omnic Crisis was done and over with.

Soldier 76 as Captain America and Reaper as the Winter Soldier What we’ve seen of the mythos of Overwatch is built upon long-held comic book tropes — in this, the Blizzard Entertainment developers’ passion for comic books is unabashedly present. Winston is a reversal of DC’s Grodd.