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The Queue: Back in Icecrown

So far, I’ve run around killing a bunch of stuff that was already dead. Just like old times.

This is the Queue. Since it’s Wednesday and the EU should have been in the new content for several hours by the time this goes live, I’m assuming any content that’s a World Quest isn’t spoiler territory at this point. Just as a head’s up, I mention a specific character and his death in today’s Queue.

Yes, I saw the Warrior buffs. Yes, I like them. Yes, I think Fury got more than Arms, and Arms needs some work — not necessarily more damage, but more something. A new ability that’s as cool and fun to use as Rampage would be nice. Rampage feels very Fury — it’s like an explosion of attacks, your Warrior just goes berserk and starts swinging wildly. Arms could use an attack that feels like the Warrior is just dismantling someone with a precise chain of strikes. That’s just my opinion, anyway.

Let’s Queue this. Yes, it’s a dad joke. I have cats.

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