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Patch 10.1.7

Everything coming with WoW patch 10.1.7, including new story quests, Dreamsurges overtaking the Dragon Isles, Night Elf and Forsaken Heritage Armor, and much more

Dragonflight patch 10.1.7 continues Blizzard's rapid patch roll-out schedule with another major content update that continues the Dragonflight story with lots of new quests, a new world event, new heritage armor and customization, new Dragonriding races, and holiday updates for Hallow's End and other fall events.

What’s your favorite quality of life improvement coming in patch 10.1.7?

Dragonflight patch 10.1.7 arrives today with a whole host of new features for players to enjoy, including Heritage Armor quests for Night Elves and Forsaken, the unlocking of Eredar appearances for original flavor Draenei, Heroic wings of the Dawn of the Incarnates mega-dungeon, a more dangerous Headless Horseman, and the new Dreamsurge zone events.

What we know about the Secrets of Azeroth event, starting August 31

The upcoming event Secrets of Azeroth event starting August 31 has so many tones of globe hopping and clues for players to decipher as we unravel the mystery of who is committing a series of thefts, it feels like they missed a step by not calling it "Where in the World of Warcraft is Carmen Sandiego." All they really need to add is a kicking a capella theme song.

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