Patch 7.3

Latest WoW hotfixes include Mythic Kil’jaeden nerfs and more The latest hotfixes for World of Warcraft seem to be less bug fixes and more raid nerfs for the Tomb of Sargeras. The Kil'jaeden encounter in particular has been hit with several adjustments.

Latest WoW hotfixes address bonus rolls on Greater Invasion Points and more A short list of 7.3 hotfixes was released last night, addressing a few loot issues and some PVP adjustments as well. Players that have been experiencing trouble getting that pesky bonus roll window to pop up on Greater Invasion Point bosses can breath a sigh of relief — the issue has been fixed.

Account-wide Argus unlocks come with latest WoW hotfixes Everyone rejoice for alt character playability, for today’s hotfixes bring with them account-wide unlocks for Antorus Wastes and Invasion Points. It looks like WoW wasn’t quite done with hotfixes today — a few of these hotfixes are in addition to the ones that went live with maintenance.

Orynx offers even more clarification on the Netherlight Crucible Ornyx came into a discussion on Blizzard's forums, in response to players' concerns, to clarify design choices and reasons why the Netherlight Crucible works the way it does.

Latest WoW hotfixes see the return of Glyph of Fel-Touched Shards A small and unexpected list of hotfixes was released over the weekend for patch 7.3. However, Warlocks and Scribes alike can now rejoice — Technique: Glyph of Fel-Touched Shards is once again usable.

Do you like the Netherlight Crucible? This week saw the last piece of the Shadows of Argus story quests, which concluded with the unlocking of the Netherlight Crucible. Now you can… reforge your Relics?

Latest WoW hotfixes adjust the Seat of the Triumvirate and more The latest round of WoW hotfixes address the new dungeon added with this week’s maintenance. A bug preventing some of the Seat of the Triumvirate dungeon World Quests from counting towards Emissary credit has been fixed.

Do you wish Shadows of Argus had more story quests? By now, players are unlocking the Netherlight Crucible, the Seat of the Triumvirate 5-player dungeon, and otherwise finishing up with the Shadows of Argus storyline. And I’m not arguing that the story for the patch is bad by any means… But I am curious as to whether or not it’s enough.

A quick guide to the Netherlight Crucible The Netherlight Crucible is a way to combat bad RNG with a little more RNG while making you stronger. Basically, before patch 7.3 if you got a Relic with a trait you didn’t like, you’d throw it away.

Latest hotfixes introduce Argus Waystone changes and more A new batch of hotfixes has been released right on time for the arrival of the Netherlight Crucible and the last part of the Argus campaign. Speaking of the Crucible, these hotfixes include the class tuning changes that were announced earlier this week.

Netherlight Crucible receives another tuning pass before it goes live The Netherlight Crucible has prompted some last minute tuning and class balance changes, with one last tuning pass before it goes live tomorrow. Since not all classes would benefit from the Netherlight Crucible’s effects in the same way, and some others needed a buff in general, the balance changes will bring everything more in line....

Argus should have been its own expansion When I sat down to play patch 7.3, my first thought was: this is what Legion should have been all along. After thinking about it, I revised that opinion. Legion should not have been Argus, because Legion is a perfectly fine expansion.

Latest hotfixes address Argus, the Broken Shore, and some very old dungeons A new round of hotfixes for patch 7.3 has been released, just in time for the weekend. Players that are still on the Broken Shore should take note that the building accumulation rate has been increased.

🔒 Invasion Points: Previewing future expansions? When Blizzard announced we were going to Argus, I couldn’t help but wonder what’s next. Normally new planets and gathering systems are reserved for new expansions.

Know Your Lore: Shadows of Argus Q&A This is a bit of a swerve for this column, but I get asked a lot of questions on Twitter and via email about patch 7.3 and things that we’ve seen and experienced since it dropped. So in this particular edition of Know Your Lore, I’m going to take some time and look at them....

Patch 7.3 Invasion Points and You: Enjoyable or death-traps? Tuesday’s continuation of the Argus storyline also brought us new Invasion Points. Instead of the Legion invading our world where we have to race to fight them back, we find portals where the Legion is invading other worlds and we must go oust them.