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The Queue: Trick or Treat?

That’s right, friendos, it’s Spooky Splatfest Season, and this weekend’s extra-long Splatfest is all about tricking. Or treating. It depends on which side you choose. This time — just like I did two years ago — I’m going with Team Trick. If we lose again, I’m gonna be so Yogg-dang peeved.

Okay, so I won’t be all that mad. Splatfests are fun, and these surprise bonus ones after the “final” Splatfest are always a… um… treat. Anyhow, let’s Queue as we think about our choices.

The Queue: Order vs. Chaos is the the choice in the final Splatfest, and I’m sad no matter what side wins

As I assume you are all aware, the Splatoon 2 Splatfests are something of an interest of mine. I may not always partake equally, but I still pay attention to a given month’s and choose a specific side which I root for. Which makes it a little sad in saying that tonight/this weekend’s (extended) Splatfest is the final official one planned for Splatoon 2.

This time around, the theme is Order vs. Chaos. As you’ve likely surmised, I’m going to be playing for Team Chaos. That said, I’m still sad to see these go. I’m confident they’ll return in Nintendo’s next iteration of the series, but it’s still an ending. And I’ve never been great with endings.

But anyhow. Let’s Queue.

The Queue: Unicorns vs. Narwhals is not a Two Bosses Enter

Okay, I know last week I yelled at y’all for asking nothing but Two Bosses Enter questions, but I swear asking you to pick between Narwhals and Unicorns is totally different. I mean, Narwhals already won (rightfully so), which makes it more of a statement of victor. But still. It’s not the same.

Also speaking of Splatfests… next month’s is the very last Splatfest of Splatoon 2. It’s Chaos vs. Order, so you obviously know what I’m voting for, but it still makes me very sad. It’s going to be the end of an era, y’all.

On that sad note, let’s Queue.

The Queue: If we could go back in time, we’d be able to right this wrong

This month’s Splatfest was Teleportation vs. Time Travel. I was far too busy on Saturday to participate, sadly… which may explain why the wrong side won. That said, this one was tougher than I initially expected.

Why? The fact that time travel is up against teleportation inherently implies that you can ONLY time travel from your current location. Most versions of time travel I’ve seen in sci-fi have allowed people to teleport as they time travel. If you can’t do that, it’s a little less exciting — but it’s still better.

Oh well. Let’s Queue.

The Queue: The hare cheated; history was not repeated

Despite being a 48-hour Splatfest, I didn’t partake in this one nearly as much as I have in the past. Mostly because it was Easter weekend and I was pretty busy. However, I will say, I am strongly disappointed in the results. Hare beating tortoise? Pffft. Nope. Never. Wouldn’t happen.

Oh well, whatever. I’m not mad.



Let’s Queue.

The Queue: Team Wizard wins with wisdom (and weapons )

This month’s Splatfest was Knights versus Wizards, and (probably not surprisingly) I went with Team Wizard. While the “popularity” portion of this one was a total blowout (62%), the Normal and Pro win categories were probably the closest I’ve ever seen them be in a Splatfest. Normal wins put Wizards solidly at 50.27%, while Pro wins actually had them lose with 49.70% of all wins.

Regardless, that Normal win percentage was all it took to put them on top for the overall results — exactly as it should have been. Good job, Wizards.

Now, let’s Queue.

The Queue: I would rather spend the holidays with…

I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t really get to participate in this month’s Splatfest for more than a handful of matches. It’s not that the theme was one I was super crazy about — I went Family, FWIW, largely because both of my brothers did and also I have no friends — but rather the flair that went into this particular Splatfest.

In addition to being a 48-hour “Frosty Fest,” each side’s ink was sparkly! Matches were a battle of pretty-looking silver and gold ink, all under a special, wintry night sky. It was cool, and I’m sad that I was feeling too “meh” to really do anything during this one.

In other news, Games Done Quick is currently on, and it’s something I always love to watch. Not that we’re sponsored or anything, but check out the schedule and tune into your favorite game. Me? I’m writing this while I watch a Splatoon 2 speedrun. Go figure!

Now, let’s Queue.

The Queue: Shoulda gone with Team Villain

Y’know, my gut instinct when I first saw this month’s Splatfest was to go with Team Villain. Makes sense, right? I’m evil, etc. etc. — but then I looked at the actual list of characters on each side. Link, not surprisingly, was on the heroes side, however.

Link is my main.

So, I went with Team Heroes, and it… well, we didn’t win. And now I’m thinking that I should’ve just counted Dark Link — who is not an Echo Fighter like Dark Pit is — as Team Villain and called it a day with that decision.

Oh well. I suppose we should Queue.

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