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DiscussionJan 4, 2018 8:00 am CT

Is there one class or role you simply don’t want to play?

I made another Rogue over the weekend — Alliance, this time. To be clear, I didn’t really need another Rogue character. I just wanted to make my way through the Alliance leveling experience over on Kalimdor again. Over entirely too many years spent playing WoW, I’ve leveled pretty much every class in the game. But there are still a couple of classes that never reached max level in any expansion — Death Knight and Warrior.

In the case of Warrior, I actually have leveled one, I just never hit max level with it, petering out at level 48 or so. And I’ve attempted to level a Death Knight, too — but that one never went farther than a level or two out of the starting zone. In the case of the Warrior, I was simply used to a more frenetic style of gameplay. Warriors deal a lot of damage, but they feel slow in comparison to other melee options. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the Warrior, it was just that there were better options out there.

But I can’t really pinpoint what went wrong with the Death Knight. I’ve leveled through that starting zone at least a half dozen times, and I can never make it farther than joining a faction. It’s not that the character is undead — I mean, one of my favorite characters is Forsaken. I have no problem with playing the formerly living. It’s not that the gameplay is bad, either — Death Knights pack a powerful punch. They have a litany of spells for wreaking havoc.

But there’s just something about them that makes me hang up my hat once I’ve joined a side. I wish I could figure it out, because I’m sure the Death Knight class campaign in Legion is amazing. Getting there, on the other hand, feels like a chore. While I don’t mind the prospect of taking yet another Rogue through six expansions of content, I can’t bring myself to take a Death Knight through the same route. And I have no idea why.

Is there a class you can’t really bring yourself to level? Is there a role you don’t want to play, whether it’s healing, tanking, or straight DPS? Do you automatically dismiss ranged roles in favor of melee, or vice versa? Why do you avoid it?  Is it just not your preference, or is there something about the role or class that you just don’t like? And is it just in WoW, or do you avoid the role or class in other games as well?

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