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WoWNov 23, 2021 4:00 pm CT

How to get all the new Soulshapes and Crittershapes in Shadowlands patch 9.1.5

World of Warcraft patch 9.1.5 added a lot of nice quality of life features to Shadowlands, from renown catchup to new character customizations to getting around the Maw faster. For those who are in the Night Fae Covenant, the popular Soulshape feature has added new forms to the list of those available from prior patches. There is also the new Crittershape option, allowing players to take smaller forms while in a rested area.

Here’s a look at the new sparkly forms we have in store, and how to get them for yourself.

New Soulshapes to use when running away from that elite you accidentally pulled

Twelve new Soulshapes have been added, including all 3 previously datamined forms — bringing the total that can be obtained up to 38. Like the previous Soulshapes they are obtained from a variety of sources:

Six of the new Soulshapes can drop from the final boss of Timewalking dungeons — each Timewalking expansion has an associated Soulshape, so if you’re targeting a specific one you’ll want to farm it as there are several months between events now. Because we’ve not cycled through each of the Timewalking weekends since 9.1.5, these are conjectures for now; those that have been proven will be designated as “confirmed.” The Timewalking Soulshapes are:

Run around Oribos as a supercute doggo

A new variation of Soulshapes called Crittershapes have been added in 9.1.5; they use the same action skill as Soulshape with the game automatically choosing to use Crittershape when you’re in a rested area once you’ve unlocked the feature. Doing so is easy, you just need to visit our old squirrel friend Choofa (conveniently located next to Lady Muunn in the Covenant Sanctum) and select the option “Tell me about Crittershapes,” which gives you access to a conversation menu similar to that for Soulshapes. In addition, you’ll automatically unlock the Choofa appearance so you’ll start with a squirrel option.

There are 15 additional Crittershape options you can obtain, although some are much easier to get than others. Besides Choofa, you should be able to obtain these relatively quickly:

  • Corgi Soul is added to your options by finding Sparkle in the Heart of the Forest and giving him a /pet.
  • Prairie Dog Soul can be purchased from Master Clerk Salorn in the Star Lake Ampitheater for 10,000 Anima.
  • Cricket Soul is purchased from Spindlenose for 15,000 Anima and 25 Grateful Offerings; like the Ram Soul there is no reputation requirement.
  • Saurid Soul is obtained in Maldraxxus by finding the Mysterious Trashpile in the back of a cave to the west of the Seat of the Primus (it’s the same place as the world quest Forged in Secret) and emoting /bow at it.
  • Cat Soul gets a little trickier, as a Lost Soul can spawn at the top of one of the 6 living trees in Ardenweald, so you may need to fly among them until you find it and /soothe; it’s always up in one of the locations but immediately despawns/respawns elsewhere when a player soothes it so if there’s several characters looking for it you might be better off camping one of the spots instead of searching for it.
  • Rat Soul is probably the hardest to obtain of these, as it’s sold by the Shopkeeper located after the first boss of Tazavesh, the Veiled Market. The NPC doesn’t despawn, though, so if you can find someone who has cleared the instance you can jump into it to reach them. Just make sure you’ve unlocked Tazavesh first and have 2 Sin’vyr and 2 Stygian lockboxes with you.

You otter know by now that RNG would be involved

These Crittershapes will require some luck to get, as they’re either a lower drop chance or not always available to be obtained:

  • Snake Soul is found in any Calling reward.
  • Porcupine Soul can be rewarded from the Paragon cache for the Wild Hunt.
  • Bunny Soul is a potential reward from any Pet Battle WQ in the Shadowlands.
  • Saurolisk Hatchling Soul can drop from the final boss in the Adamant Vaults of Torghast.
  • Turkey Soul can only be earned during Pilgrim’s Bounty; go to one of the feast tables and get the Spirit of Sharing by eating 5 times at each seat. Once you have the buff, simply go to each seat again and eat once and you’ll get the quest automatically once you’ve done so for all 5 seats.
  • Frog Soul is received via fishing in the Shadowlands; there does not appear to be a minimum skill level required (although Shadowlands fishing should be trained) however it may take hundreds of casts to get it, so a good place to farm it is in the same spot as the…
  • Otter Soul requires you to find another Lost Soul, this time in Bastion. It’ll be frolicking in a pond just west of Hero’s Rest (and below the quest mob Gorgebeak), and once you see it you just need to /hug to obtain the quest. The spawn time for this Lost Soul can be over an hour though, and once it spawns is typically only up for 5 minutes — since the pond it’s in is fishable, it’s a good idea to fish for the Frog Soul while camping this one.

The two final Crittershapes require you to do a little extra legwork. The Chicken Soul and “Well Fed” Cat Soul both require you to obtain some Spectral Feed, which is found in Revendreth in Darkhaven. It spawns behind the small stables located next to the eastern gate, but unfortunately has a long respawn rate of roughly an hour, and it despawns after three players have grabbed it or ten minutes have passed.

For the Chicken Soul, you’ll want to grab the Spectral Feed first, and after doing so, fly north to the spot in the Endmire where Sinrunner Blanchy spawns. On the fallen log there will be a Lost Soul, and if you emote /chicken at it, you’ll get its attention and then you can use the Spectral Feed to unlock the quest.

For the “Well Fed” Cat Soul, you need to have obtained and learned the Cat Soul first; after you do so there will be an NPC named Ma’oh outside the Queen’s Conservatory (if you don’t see it, log out and back in). If you /meow at Ma’oh, it will meow at you hungrily in return, and you can then give it Spectral Feed to unlock this Crittershape. Note that Spectral Feed is consumed upon use, so if you’re trying to get both the Chicken and Well Fed Cat at the same time, you’ll need to pick up the Spectral Feed twice.

Indecisive? Wild Shape may be the answer for you!

With all these new Soulshapes and Crittershapes, you may find yourself unable to decide which to use. To accommodate those of us with the need for variety there is a new option called “Wild Shape” that you can select from both Choofa and Lady Muunn that will randomly select from one of the shapes you’ve unlocked when you activate it. These choices are independent, so if you want the Crittershape to be random but the Soulshape to be a specific one each time, you can do so. In addition, if you don’t want to have a Crittershape when in a rested area, you can ask Choofa to “Remove your Crittershape” and you will only use your Soulshape from then on out.

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