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Blizzard WatchMar 17, 2023 7:59 pm CT

Blizzard Watch Weekly Wrap-up: The wonderful world of Diablo 4

We’ve made it through another week, which means we have another week’s news backlog to get through. This week all of us at team Blizzard Watch are super hyped about the Diablo 4 beta, but if you aren’t interested in Diablo, I have a bit of Hearthstone and WoW news for you too.

Here’s what you need to know from the world of Blizzard Entertainment this week:

Now live

Coming soon

  • WoW patch 10.0.7 goes live on Tuesday, March 21, and I am super excited to get to play with the big Paladin rework on the live servers. With the survivability improvements my Holydin will be getting, I hope to outheal all of my compatriots by outliving them. But there’s a lot more happening: we’ll get to visit the Forbidden Reach again, collect new pets and mounts, and nab an upgradeable ring from the Zskera Vaults.
  • Next week you can get your own disco ball toy in WoW via Twitch drops.
  • If you didn’t pre-purchase Diablo 4, you can get in on the action next weekend. Diablo 4’s open beta runs from Friday, March 24 at 9am pacific to Monday, March 28 at 12pm pacific. Open beta is also the first time we’ll get to play the Druid and Necromancer, which I’m pretty excited about.

The latest on WoW patch 10.1

Patch 10.1 probably won’t be live until May, but it’s live on the PTR right now so we’re getting a lot of info. Here’s what I think is most interesting so far!

File under “surprise announcements”

And a footnote: my recent solo runs through Ahn’Qiraj for transmog inspired my cohort Phil to write about the ugliest transmogs in WoW. The fact that he doesn’t approve of my new bright orange bug-themed armor just means I have to fit it into a great transmog set.

And that’s all for now, everyone. Have a good weekend and perhaps I’ll see you in Sanctuary!

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