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New Timewalking dungeons and more coming in patch 6.2.3

Coming soon to the PTR is a big surprise: World of Warcraft's patch 6.2.3, which features Cataclysm-era Timewalking dungeons (plus a new Timewalking dungeon for both the Burning Crusade and Wrath eras), the chance to get a new Infinite Timereaver mount (above) from Timewalking bosses, cross-realm Mythic raiding, Valor points for Heroic and Mythic dungeons (which can be used to purchase ilvl upgrades for gear), a Grove Warden mount for defeating Heroic or Mythic Archimonde (meaning it will not be a store mount), Arena Season 3 (with new gear ranging from ilvl 715 to 740), and rewards up to ilvl 695 for players in Tanaan and 725 for players running Mythics.

Know Your Lore: The Legion and the War of the Ancients

A couple of weeks back we took a look at the origin of Sargeras and the Eredar. This week, we pick up with Sargeras' first assault on Azeroth, the War of the Ancients. This conflict changed the face of the world forever, splitting the primeval continent of Kalimdor into four pieces (that we know of) -- modern Kalimdor, Northrend, the Eastern Kingdoms and Pandaria.

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