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Heart Of Azeroth

The Queue: OMG BlizzCon edition

After the gotta write fast adrenaline wore off, the reality started to sink in. We have a mere six months to prepare for BlizzCon coverage! I’m honestly not sure that’s enough time — ready or not, here it comes. Get those F5 fingers ready for May 4th.

You don’t need F5 skills to read the Queue though. Let’s get to it!

Ion Hazzikostas talks about patch 8.2 and learning from Battle for Azeroth’s mistakes

We will likely be getting the patch 8.2 PTR soon (patent pending) according to a new interview PC Gamer just published with Ion Hazzikostas, the game director of World of Warcraft.  That's big enough on its own, but the interview covers a lot of ground: also Ion talks about lessons learned from Battle for Azeroth, how the Heart of Azeroth will change in patch 8.2, how Blizzard designs big open world content zones in the wake of the Timeless Isle and Argus, and a lot more.

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