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The Queue: Don’t tell anyone you found me; I’m undercover.

Welcome to The Queue, our daily column where you ask us questions on a varied array of topics, we give you answers, and then the comments devolve into zany shenanigans. Today we have a ton of pet battling questions, some lore stuff, and a side of esports. If there’s one word you can use to describe the Queue, “varied” is definitely a good one. I’m lying low after this one, though.

The Queue: It’s not a competition when you already won

Welcome to The Queue, our daily question and answer article, where you ask the questions and we pretend like we know the answer, occasionally consulting Google as though its arcane tarot will help, when all is screaming from both the heights of heaven and the depths of hell.

Huh, it looks like I got some of Mitch’s questions mixed in here again. Let’s A some Qs!

The Queue: Cool guys don’t look at explosions

When Adam asked me to cover The Queue for this morning, even though I stream pretty late in the night for the site on Wednesday, and even though my toddler and I are both sick, and even though my daughter has short school days this week, I said I would. It’s usually not too tough to pull questions, even with the heated discussions going around lately — worst case, I’ll just pull stuff off our Discord or Twitter. I didn’t realize that literally as I was streaming, he would drop the post about the five year plan for the site the staff first started discussing internally 3 weeks ago.

Adam, please.

So! While I’ll definitely direct y’all’s attention over to that post, because it’s important to the site and we want to hear your thoughts and concerns, I’m definitely just… not looking at the explosion this morning. Nope. I have some herbal tea with honey, and I’m just gonna… do the thing. Please, for poor little Rossi’s sake, put some questions in a place where he can find them easily. Whew.

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