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How to activate Tazavesh’s Hard Mode and get better loot

Just in case you didn't think that Tazavesh, the upcoming megadungeon in patch 9.1, was going to be hard enough, worry not -- you'll be able to make it even harder with a questline that will allow you to activate Hard Mode for all fights in the dungeon, giving you another way to increase the item level of the gear that drops besides simply doing a higher key.

How can Tazavesh both feel like a heist and be a satisfying dungeon? We have some ideas.

Tazavesh the Veiled Market is Shadowlands' version of the mega-dungeon concept, following Operation: Mechagon in Battle of Azeroth and the Return to Karazhan in Legion. Like those dungeons, Tazavesh will have eight bosses instead of the standard three-to-five, and when released in patch 9.1 will only be available on Mythic difficulty.

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