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BlizzCon > WoWNov 2, 2019 2:14 pm CT

All the non-class-specific Covenant abilities you get in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

We learned yesterday that the next WoW expansion, Shadowlands, will be ruled by Covenants — sort of a cross between factions and class halls. When we choose a Covenant to follow, we ally ourselves with that particular group and use their sanctum as a home base, kind of like the class halls in Legion.

Allying ourselves with these different Covenants also grants us unique abilities depending on which we choose. We gain two powers from Covenants. One power is a generic power that will be available to everyone who chooses that Covenant — very similar to the garrison abilities we could choose in Warlords of Draenor. The other power is specific to our character’s class — very similar to Artifact Weapon powers. Covenant powers are more utility-based to help us get around.

Here are the current Covenant powers that everyone in that particular Covenant will get:

  • KyrianUnburden: Dissolve into pure anima, increasing your movement speed to 300%, slowing your falling speed, and propelling you forward for 4 sec. Greatly reduces the radius at which enemies will detect you. (2 min cooldown)
  • Night FaeSoulshape: Turn into a Spirit Fox, increasing your movement speed by 30% and causing enemies to ignore you. Lasts 10 sec, or until cancelled while in a rest area. (1.5 min cooldown)
  • NecrolordTranscend the Flesh: Separate your soul from your body for 20 sec. Your soul is invisible and untargetable, though your body remains vulnerable. This effect will end early if you move further than 60 yards from your body. When Transcend the Flesh ends or is cancelled, your body rejoins with your soul. (3 min cooldown)
  • VenthyrDoor of Shadows: Wend through the shadows, appearing at the targeted location. (2 min cooldown)

Class powers from Covenants, on the other hand, are combat abilities that “solve a problem by fighting it.” In the WoW Deep Dive panel, they presented all the Mage-specific Covenant abilities as an example.

  • KyrianRadiant Spark: Conjure a radiant spark that causes 4,854 Arcane damage instantly, and an additional 1,892 damage over 8 sec. Your next 4 direct damage abilities that hit targets affected by Radiant Spark deal 25% increased damage, up to 100% increased damage. (30 sec cooldown)
  • Night FaeShifting Power: Draw from the ground beneath you for 3 seconds, dealing 5,500 Nature damage to nearby enemies over the duration. Every second spent channeling increases your Haste by 5% for 15 seconds. (45 sec cooldown)
  • NecrolordContagion Bolt: Deal 5,000 Shadow damage to the target enemy. For the next 8 seconds, your single target spells cast on the affected enemy cause the disease to splash to nearby enemies dealing 3,000 Shadow damage. (1.5 min cooldown)
  • VenthyrMirrors of Torment: Conjure 3 mirrors that rotate around the targeted enemy for 6 seconds. Whenever they cast an ability or spell they take 7,000 Shadow damage and are rooted for 1.5 seconds (2 min cooldown)

The demos at BlizzCon have the Kyrian Covenant available to play, and Wowhead was able to get a full list of the class abilities with the Kyrian. Check it out here.

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