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WoWApr 14, 2021 10:00 am CT

The Maw sees lots of improvements in patch 9.1, including the ability to use any mount there

When Shadowlands patch 9.1 was announced during BlizzConline we were told to expect changes to our experience while in the Maw, and with the arrival of 9.1 on the PTR we’re now able to see those improvements for ourselves. While we don’t start our journey in the Maw — our first destination is a natural followup to the events shown in the trailer — it’s not long before we’re off to see our good friend Ve’nari to gain her assistance in opening a path for our Covenant allies to assault the Jailer directly in the Maw.

The secret to opening that path is a second Waystone, conveniently located in Korthia, the new zone the Jailer has pulled into the Maw. After some stealthy walking past the Mawsworn and the Eye of the Jailer, we arrive in Korthia where we find the Waystone and use our ties to a world soul to open the way for our forces — and in doing so, we are rewarded with the ability to use any mount in the Maw. In addition, if you’re playing on an alt who has not progressed far enough in Ve’nari’s reputation-based quest chain from 9.0, you gain the ability to survive in Perdition Hold and the Beast Warrens without the protection previously granted by Ve’nari.

The ability to use mounts isn’t the only improvement for getting around in the Maw; as part of the opening of the Korthia you establish a new animaflow teleporter between Ve’nari’s refuge and the new quest hub of Korthia. This teleporter appears on your map as a flight path — although restricted to the Maw — and is two-way, unlike the other teleporter you can purchase from Ve’nari.

The Jailer no longer has eyes for you

The aforementioned Eye of the Jailer doesn’t bother you in Korthia, but will still cause you trouble in the main section of the Maw. However, there is a quest chain you’ll be able to complete on patch day that removes it. If you continue assisting Ve’nari with her quests instead of exploring Korthia, you’ll find yourself in the previously inaccessible section of the Maw known as Desmotaeron. Here you’ll encounter the Val’kyr Danica the Reclaimer, a familiar face especially for those who played Warrior in Legion. Rescuing her begins a quest chain that takes you to Skyhold and then back to the Maw to deal with the Eye of the Jailer once and for all — that is, until you fight it again in the Sanctum of Domination raid.

Note that this removal — as well as the ability to use mounts — is not account-wide. However, there are skips available for alts once you’ve unlocked mounts and removed the Eye of the Jailer on your main character.

The Covenant assaults into the Maw are literal ones

Patch 9.1 brings the return of Assaults, last seen in patch 8.3 in Uldum and the Vale of the Four Winds. Like the Minor Assaults and the hunts in the Beastwarrens, these rotate on a half-week basis, with the expectation that you’ll assist every Covenant over the course of a fortnight. The Assault “takes over” a section of the Maw, replacing the mobs and environmental effects with those appropriate for the Assault quests, even if you’re not currently working on it. It appears that as a result Blizzard has reduced the number of active Maw dailies, but has added a new BOA rep token for Ve’nari to compensate.

In patch 9.1 The Maw will be a lot easier to navigate, and thankfully these improvements are available on day one. Although we won’t be getting flying in the Maw — it’s extremely doubtful we ever will — these changes make the Maw a much more hospitable place for players.

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