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The Queue: Big honking fist weapons

Since the Shadowlands pre-patch I’ve been working on my fist weapon transmogs, farming up The Bladefist from Highmaul, Fist of the Deity from Gundrak, and the Abomination’s Knuckles from ICC. I’m annoyed that I didn’t already have the Abom Knucks, cause I used to tank ICC with them back in the day. But apparently I forgot to keep them, which is irritating because I kept literally everything else. Luckily, they dropped for me.

The new customization options mean that I’m basically spending gold to make my characters match their outfits, so I don’t think I’ll have any money in Shadowlands but regardless I do enjoy fisting. I know the horrible connotations of that, and I don’t care, I enjoy my new fist weapon playstyle just that much.

This is the Queue. I’m filling in for Liz. Let’s do this.

Brawler’s Guild goes on hiatus until Shadowlands

If you're into World of Warcraft's Brawler's Guild, you may be upset to find that it's currently closed as we wait for Shadowlands. But please, don't panic -- this isn't the first time the Brawler's Guild has closed to wait for the next expansion, as we saw the underground arena go on hiatus during the Legion and Battle for Azeroth pre-patches, to be retooled for the next big thing to paraphrase the bouncers.

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