Alt Leveling

Do you want full-world level scaling? At BlizzCon this year, we finally got something a lot of players have been asking for: zone scaling when leveling in older expansions. Granted, it’s not full-blown, uncapped scaling for every single level, but it’s a good start.

Should all experience be account wide? This isn’t one of those times I know what I think the answer is, I’m seriously just posing the question because it occurred to me yesterday while playing Heroes of the Storm that I was kind of hurting myself by switching characters. Sure, you have player XP and character XP in that game, but I’m...

Breakfast Topic: What alts are you leveling through the Legion invasions? As we quickly discovered, the pre-Legion event invasions are a quick way to level alts 10 and above. Even though Tuesday’s patch halved the exp gain, they also increased the number of invasions and sped up their respawn time resulting in a net gain if you hit them all.

What can I say? It's the oldest school I can consider.
Breakfast Topic: Is there an upside to healing in LFG dungeons? The Legion Alpha has me excited for both the class changes and the Artifacts, not to mention the Class Halls. But since I’m not in Alpha, I’ve had to funnel my excitement into leveling alts that I want at 100 come expansion launch time.

How to get to Draenor and skip Tanaan Jungle entirely While the opening quests are fairly quick paced and net a lot of experience, it can get a little tiresome on repeat playthroughs, particularly if you have a lot of alts. So why not just ...