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The Queue: Happy 2017th birthday, America!

Today is the Fourth of July, which means most people will be spending the day relaxing and the night reveling. For me, this holiday has always felt a lot like New Year’s Eve — not only is it almost at the exact opposite end of the calendar, but it’s also largely a lot of build-up to a nighttime showing of lights and noise.

I definitely prefer it over New Year’s, but it’s still one of those holidays that, as a kid, I used to look forward to greatly because it meant staying up late and playing with explosives. At some point, it went from something I was excited about to something I remembered being excited about, which means it’s hard to ever live up to what I remember it feeling like.

But y’know what? I’m still going to make things explode and have fun doing so. I hope all you Stateside folks do the same!

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