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The Queue: Baby’s first Queue

Though I’ve been part of the site since I was hired in 2007 and was Editor-in-Chief in the Wrath era before handing the reins over to our current Commander-in-Chief, Alex Ziebart, this is the first Queue that I’ve written. I might have penned a few editions of The Queue’s predecessor, Ask A Beta Tester, but that is lost to the mists of time. In any case, the future is now and questions demand answers. Though I’ve been told quite pointedly that I cannot answer in lolcat memes. Sigh.

Hearthstone Patch Notes: The Approach to Blackrock Mountain

The new Hearthstone adventure Blackrock Mountain makes its debut this Thursday, and a new set of patch notes for the game have just been released. In addition to details on the new adventure, the patch also addresses a handful of bug fixes, including friends that are away on the Battle.net app no longer being displayed in your online friend count, and some important adjustments to cards.

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