Hearthstone Esports

Esports to watch at BlizzCon 2017 Are you ready for the most hype of the year? BlizzCon 2017 is almost here!

HCT Summer Champion Surrender talks strategy in new interview It’s been a few short weeks since Surrender won the HCT Summer Championship, and he’s remained a bit of an enigma since. Luckily, the Hearthstone esports team grabbed him for a quick interview, which they posted to the official site.

Blizzard esports at BlizzCon 2017: What to expect This week there’s not much going on in Blizzard esports. This is the calm before the storm.

2017 Hearthstone Championship Tour crowns summer champion A lot of Hearthstone esports went down in Blizzard’s new Arena in Burbank over the weekend. Not only was there a well-attended Fireside event where players got the new alternate Warlock hero, there was also the matter of the summer global championship to settle.

HCT Summer Finals, BlizzCon is coming The pros are already starting to pack their bags for Southern California. BlizzCon Opening Week starts October 26th.

HCT Americas finals and more in esports The past week was a bit wild. My power went out right when I could’ve used a Hero of the Storm the most.

Blizzard Arena Los Angeles now open for esports events Burbank Studios has been a name in the entertainment industry for decades. Here’s a not at all dated video from the 80’s of a tour of the studios, given by Maria Shriver, for instance.

HGC, HCT, APEX and more acronyms this week in esports It’s been a long week. I’m so ready to relax this weekend with some Starbucks and esports.

The boy band delivers and HCT Europe this week in esports School is starting to get back into session for the year, so the buzz for collegiate esports is really amping up, too. If you’re a college student and want to participate, make sure you keep a close eye on Team TeSPA on Twitter.

Blizzard esports schedules, including Gamescom This weekend we’ll be seeing a ton of esports action from most of Blizzard’s titles. HGC is back from hiatus for part two, and Overwatch Contenders keeps on going.

Overwatch Contenders returns for Season 1 and more esports It’s been a wild week in esports. We heard whispers of the NCAA trying to establish themselves in collegiate esports which is comical at best, given their rules.

HGC highlight reels and more in Blizzard esports this week It always seems like Blizzard’s esports come in waves together. HGC is wrapping up for its next series of clashes, and Hearthstone‘s Global Games are almost ready to rest until the finals play out during BlizzCon.

Keep cool inside with Blizzard esports this weekend It's been such a long summer. I just want to relax by the pool and watch some esports.

HCT Championship in Shanghai and more esports It's been a busy week in esports as usual. The World of Warcraft esports team even unveiled a shiny new website.

Overwatch Contenders playoffs, Wild Open, and more esports My emotional kryptonite is people being nice to little kids, so please excuse this column. After I saw Kim Phan and some of Team TeSPA visit the UCI Esports girls summer camp, I had to go lie down for a while.

HGC returns, GSL Code S finals, and more Blizzard esports Now that Dreamhack is over, the dog days of summer are beginning in earnest.  It’s a great time to sit inside with the air conditioning on to watch some esports. HGC is continuing with a fresh slate, Overwatch Contenders is almost through with the group stage, and Seat Story returns this week, so let’s get to...