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WoWNov 7, 2023 7:50 pm CT

Are the World of Warcraft servers live with Dragonflight patch 10.2 yet? — Yes, the servers are up!

Dragonflight patch 10.2 is now live! We had to deal with multiple extensions of the maintenance, but it’s finally ready to go!

Patch 10.2 is the final major patch of Dragonflight and it’s chock full of all the features you’d expect in a tier patch. Our heroes will be traveling to the Emerald Dream to help protect the world tree Amirdrassil from Fyrakk in a nine-boss raid. Dropping from Fyrakk himself for the plate-wearing strength classes (if you’re lucky — although bad luck protection is built in to the drop rate) is a new Legendary axe named Fyr’alath the Dream Render.

The Amirdrassil raid will open with the start of Season 3 next week, along with the new Mythic+ dungeon rotation. The Great Vault will become available then as well — alongside expanded options for running dungeons. And of course, a new Season of PVE activities means a new Season of PVP will be starting as well.

The item upgrade system is getting a quality-of-life rework with no more Fragments and a new Crest currency called the Dreaming Crest. As a result of the changes, your Shadowflame Crests and Fragments will become vendor trash.

Not everything in patch 10.2 is about group instanced combat. For one thing, Druids are getting new forms! There are also three new interconnected events in the Emerald Dream that reward gear and collectibles. New campaign chapters have us continuing the story of Dragonflight into the Emerald Dream, as well as two questlines with a delayed start: Misfit Dragons — which has us accompany Wrathion and Vyranoth as they try to gain the assistance of Netherwing and the Thorignir dragons — begins next week, and the following week will start part 4 of the expansion-long quest to reforge Tyr.

There’s also changes coming to those who fly around the Dragon Isles. Besides the new Dragon glyphs obtainable within the Emerald Dream, patch 10.2 will have a Pathfinder achievement with no Renown requirements for those who miss their old mounts. There will also be more Dragonriding races in the old world, although the dates listed should be considered tentative.

The amount of content in patch 10.2 is more than typical of a final major patch so now that there are no more maintenance extensions let’s explore the Emerald Dream.

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