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Final Fantasy Xiv

How World of Warcraft could possibly improve PUG experience by stealing an idea from other MMOs

With the release of Endwalker last month I've been playing a lot of Final Fantasy XIV, and one of the activities I've devoted more time to is group content -- not only the FFXIV version of World of Warcraft dungeons called "duties," but also the raid equivalents that are available in 8-player or 24-player varieties.

What’s the easiest way to introduce someone to gaming?

If you're the gamer in your friend group or family, you often get asked about the various games you play, be they video games, tabletop RPGs, board games -- I have lost track of the amount of times I've been asked to explain Catan to people -- and you're put in the position of serving as a sort of unofficial ambassador for the hobbies you participate in and enjoy.

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