Hidden Artifact Appearance

Here’s what’s happening to your Artifacts in Battle for Azeroth Artifact weapons have been an integral part of Legion, but they’ll be getting some changes in the next expansion, Battle for Azeroth. First and foremost, they’re going away.

Weekly world boss rotation won’t be random in 7.3 In patch 7.3, the world boss rotation will finally be on a set rotation. This is great news for anyone still trying to collect Artifact appearances or profession recipes.

Shadow Word: Tips for unlocking the new challenge Artifact appearance Greetings, Shadow Priests! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Patch 7.2: Blizzard details soloable Challenge Artifact Appearances Patch 7.2 is coming soon, and with it come solo challenges  to unlock a new hidden Artifact appearance, the Challenge Appearance. These were first teased at BlizzCon as a solo-based appearance unlocked by dedication and mastery to your spec (inspired by the Benediction and green fire quests), but Blizzard has only just given us a...

Have you obtained a hidden artifact appearance? Every week I LFR the Dragons of Nightmare. Every week I spend my coin for an extra loot roll.

Priest hidden Artifact
How to get all 3 Priest hidden Artifact appearances Hidden Artifact appearances have been the talk of WoW lately, with each class receiving a unique way to acquire each appearance. While Priest hidden Artifact appearances do involve a bit of RNG and grinding, they aren’t particularly difficult to get.

Lightsworn: How to get the Holy Paladin hidden Artifact appearance Legion’s Artifact weapons have interesting lore, cool abilities, and unique weapon models, but what if you don’t actually like how they look? Sure, you can always transmog them (a great change over Legendary weapons of the past), but it almost feels wrong not to use your Artifact’s actual appearance.

Totem Talk: Shaman hidden artifact appearances Artifact weapons are one of the key features in Legion — focal points of not only class power, but also class fantasy. One of the concerns that many players had was that if everyone had the same weapon, what would make it so special?