Jaina Proudmoore

Know Your Lore: Jaina Proudmoore’s battle Of all the myriad characters in World of Warcraft, none is quite so justifiably fed up as Jaina Proudmoore. Her life has been a series of events that arguably would have crushed anyone else.

Know Your Lore: The secrets of Battle for Azeroth We got to see a kickass cinematic, watched some panels, and heard Jaina’s chilling voiceover on the features trailer. But what do we actually know about Battle for Azeroth? What’s the story of the upcoming expansion?

Know Your Lore: Kul Tiras There were once seven nations of Humankind in the Eastern Kingdoms. All descended from the proud Arathi people and the first Empire of Strom, but they followed many different paths.

Kel’Thuzad (and more) now live in Heroes of the Storm Kel’Thuzad is now live in Heroes of the Storm! He’s intended to be a bursty type of mage and combo abilities will likely be key to taking down enemies.

Does Jaina appearing on BlizzCon key art mean anything? Probably not Earlier this month, Blizzard Entertainment revealed Jaina Proudmoore will be representing World of Warcraft on this year’s BlizzCon key art. We’ve been debating whether or not this actually means anything for what’s to come in World of Warcraft — and honestly, probably not.

Know Your Lore: The tragic fall of Arthas Menethil Last week we talked about Arthas Menethil, the Paladin , the son of Lianne and Terenas Menethil. The Crown Prince of Lordaeron.

Knights of the Frozen Throne comic series is full of tall tales about our favorite heroes Are you excited for Hearthstone‘s upcoming Knights of the Frozen Throne? Are you wondering just what in the heck is going on with all of the characters being Death Knight s now (and what’s the deal with the lore inconsistencies)?

Know Your Lore: What comes next? One of the questions I hear a lot is: After we deal with the Legion, what threat could possibly be next? It’s a question I’ve asked myself a few times.

Trauma in World of Warcraft This isn’t a defense of any character’s actions in WoW or the story of the Warcraft setting. Rather, it’s an examination of the haphazard way that traumatic experiences are shown to shape characters — some characters recover from experiences in a very short time while others never seem to, and still others are shown to...

Role Play: Mage roleplay in Legion Mage roleplay has been ramping up over the past couple of expansions. Where other classes might not have a particularly defined history behind them, Mages certainly do.

Role Play: Horde roleplay in Legion The Alliance may have a lot to think about plot-wise this expansion, but the Horde has just as much going on – and none of it is particularly happy. Horde roleplay in Legion mirrors the Alliance.

Know Your Lore: Who is Jaina Proudmoore? A couple of years ago, I wrote about Jaina Proudmoore’s progress as a character after the loss of Theramore and the events in Mists of Pandaria. At the time, I was happy that the character was seeing some kind of movement – something beyond hoping for diplomacy and peace.

naxx over stratholme
Know Your Lore: The beginning of the Third War The skies split open. Demons razed the land.

Know Your Lore: Baine Bloodhoof Baine Bloodhoof certainly wasn’t a high-profile leader in Warlords of Draenor, nor was he more than a minor character in the events presented in Mists. But in the novels and behind the scenes, Baine has far more influence than you’d expect, both from a Tauren leader, and from a leader so new to his position....

Moviewatch: Board Clear Hearthstone machinima is a rare beast. You can’t do much with tokens on a gameboard.

Know Your Lore: The origins of Cairne Bloodhoof He’s been dead since Cataclysm, but his life saw his people move from a nomadic existence in perpetual war against the marauding centaur to a part of the Horde, settled in Thunder Bluff and at last capable of securing their own future. His journey was the journey of his people, and who they are now...