Overwatch World Cup

BlizzCon 2017: Overwatch World Cup, HGC, WCS, Arena Championship esports recap In addition to new information from all our favorite games, there were also some amazing esports events at BlizzCon 2017. Here’s a quick recap of all the action that occurred this weekend in Anaheim.

Esports to watch at BlizzCon 2017 Are you ready for the most hype of the year? BlizzCon 2017 is almost here!

Blizzard highlights what to watch for at the Overwatch World Cup There’s a lot to absorb in the week leading up to BlizzCon 2017. The esports teams have been doing a fantastic job creating pithy guides for anyone who may have missed any events thus far.

Latest Overwatch Developer Update discusses evolving esports experience Following esports matches isn’t easy — with fast paced games and intense action, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of what’s going on. In the latest Overwatch developer update, Game Director Jeff Kaplan discusses the challenges of creating a good esports viewing experience.

Blizzard esports at BlizzCon 2017: What to expect This week there’s not much going on in Blizzard esports. This is the calm before the storm.

Overwatch World Cup format announced We knew the round-of-32 group stage of the Overwatch World Cup would commence with a live event in Shanghai this weekend. However, we weren’t really sure about the format of the tournament.

Overwatch World Cup voting begins Do you want your country to have the best chance of winning the Overwatch World Cup? There’s a lot at stake this year — bragging rights, eternal glory, and glitter confetti.

Overwatch World Cup is back for 2017 Earlier today the Overwatch team announced the return of their popular esports event, the Overwatch World Cup, for 2017. The general details of the event are similar to last year, but there are a few changes — including the scope of the event — which promise to make this World Cup fun and exciting for...