Know Your Lore: The Zandalari Trolls at the dawn of time The word Zandalar means a lot of different things. It’s the name of a mountain chain that eventually became an island when ancient Kalimdor was destroyed.

Know Your Lore: The secrets of Battle for Azeroth We got to see a kickass cinematic, watched some panels, and heard Jaina’s chilling voiceover on the features trailer. But what do we actually know about Battle for Azeroth? What’s the story of the upcoming expansion?

BlizzCon 2017: Hands-on with WoW’s Battle for Azeroth expansion Mitch and I had the good luck of being among the first people at BlizzCon to get into the WoW demo area after the Opening Ceremonies when Battle for Azeroth was announced. Though we were excited to get our hands on the new content early, what we actually played was fairly limited.

Battle for Azeroth once again squishes players’ stats — and item levels One of the surprises that awaited me when I logged onto the World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth demo computers at BlizzCon was my demo Priest’s item level. Sure, there was a lot more than just the item level that greeted me — Zandalar, Power Word: Shield, experience points — but the item level was...

BlizzCon 2017: World of Warcraft’s next expansion is Battle for Azeroth World of Warcraft is going back to its roots (and not just with new classic servers). World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth will be refocusing on the Alliance vs.

Know Your Lore: The Troll Wars and the sunset of Quel’Thalas Last week we discussed Quel’Thalas from its foundation to the beginning of the Troll Wars. The enmity between Trolls and Elves is long standing and innate, dating back to the distant past before the Sundering when the Kaldorei Empire, led by arcane spellcasters, defeated both the Gurubashi and Amani Trolls and seized control of huge...

Are there still places in Warcraft you’d really like to see? I finally got around to finishing off Emerald Nightmare this week. The Xavius encounter was suitably creepy, and it definitely felt cool to take Xavius down.

Know Your Lore: The next WoW expansion As soon as Hellfire Citadel and patch 6.2 hit the servers — and maybe even a little before — people started talking about what the next WoW expansion is going to be. And with the announcement of an impending WoW expansion announcement at Gamescom next week, all that talk has gotten even louder.