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The QueueJun 18, 2015 11:00 am CT

The Queue: It’s about flying, always flying

Currently, the header image above is just about the only flying there is to be found in Draenor, and I have to say — the comfort level just isn’t that great. I’m hoping to upgrade from coach to first (or business) class in the near future.

But that’s enough complaining about the game’s creature comforts (or lack thereof): let’s get on to the questions.


Q4TQ: Played Kerrigan this morning in Heroes. She’s awfully squishy for a melee assassin, what am I doing wrong?

Despite the number of posts I make about Heroes of the Storm, I’m actually a really awful player of Heroes of the Storm. Something about MOBA gameplay just doesn’t click with me. However, we have a whole team of people who love Heroes of the Storm, so I asked them. Here’s what they had to say about Kerrigan:

Anna Bell: She IS awfully squishy as a melee assassin. She needs support and she needs to not go HAM on the core unless she’s sure she can make the kill. Her playstyle is very stun/move ability heavy and takes a bit of getting used to.

Michael Mitchell: In general, it seems like the key with assassins is knowing when to strike. They are all squishy in some way or another.

Anna: The melee Assassins have further to go both to attack and get out, so they tend to be the easiest to over-invest with in general.

Mitch: Honestly, squishy Assassins are why I prefer warriors in HotS.

Anna: I prefer Assassins because I’m like UGH JUST KILL THEM ALREADY HURRY UP.


My sub is up in 40 hours, and I still need to make about 12k gold to get a token this month. Any advice? I’ve been trying to sell my inscription and tailoring upgrades, but for the last 3 days I’ve been undercut enough for the prices to be half what they were when I posted them. I’ve also got a lvl 3 Inn, a ton of treasure followers, and a salvage yard.

Many commenters chimed in with good advice, but I’d like to call out this comment from Morningdeuce_otQ, which was posted elsewhere:

PSA for the Queue: For all those concerned with a gold nerf, you can make considerable gold going through old content on a boosted character – I made nearly 10k alone from Mists, and that was just vendoring stuff and questing. Yes it might take some time, but you can faceroll everything, and if you’re a gatherer, you can get some valuable old world materials.

While your garrison and the auction house can make you plenty of in-game cash, that takes time. Running old raids, especially Cataclysm raids, can be very profitable and done quite quickly. Don’t worry about auctioning stuff — though you sometimes can make good coin that way — just pick up everything and vendor it and you’ll make a killing.

Though you can mostly just run in and smash the place up at level 100, we’ve got a couple of guides that will help you through the process:

  • A general raid-soloing guide, with tips on soling and basic info on each raid dungeon in the game.
  • A guide on soloing Cataclysm raids for cash, which was written from a Druid’s perspective but has good information for any player, including how much you can expect to make in each.

Good luck!


Q4tQ: With Diablo III being such a big success as a console game, do you think we may see ports of Heroes of the Storm?

Honestly, both Heroes and Overwatch feel like a good match for consoles. The typical MOBA keyboard setup seems like it would translate well to a controller (and, heck, maybe I’d be better at the game if I played with a gamepad) — and, similarly, a console-style controller feels like the ideal way to play an FPS like Overwatch. But will Blizzard actually do it?

All we can really do is speculate. Blizzard has experimented with game formats by releasing Diablo 3 for consoles and Hearthstone for mobile, but the company hasn’t made a push to spread any of its other games to new platforms. (Personally, I think StarCraft or the original Warcraft RTS for tablets would be a awesome.) But until they actually announce it — and knowing Blizzard, it’s likely to be a last-minute announcement — all we can do is think about how fun it might be to play our favorite games in other formats.


Q4tQ: Looking at the battlegrounds for Heroes of the Storm, why isn’t Whimsyshire available?

Heroes has a scant seven maps at present, but we know the game plans to expand — and in a Diablo-oriented direction. The game’s upcoming Eternal Conflict expansion will have a Diablo focus, including new heroes, skins, and maps. So far, Blizzard has confirmed new Butcher, Leoric, and Monk heroes as well as a map inspired by Diablo 3‘s heaven and hell called Battlefield of Eternity. Several new skins have shown up in concept art, as well, but have yet to be confirmed, including Amazon Nova and Angelic Diablo.

So while we haven’t had Whimsyshire show up yet, it seems like something that might show up any time — Blizzard doesn’t seem to be done announcing new Eternal Conflict content.


q4tq: Other than the raid and shipyard, what new content will patch 6.2 bring? The impression I’m getting is Tanaan won’t feature much else.

How you’ll weigh other content really depends on what you value in the game, but there’s definitely content beyond Tanaan, Hellfire Citadel, and the shipyard. There’s Timewalker Dungeons which makes revisiting classic content a fun — and rewarding challenge. There are new battle pets to find and legendary pet battles to fight. There’s some silly stuff like costumes for Pepe and new Darkmoon Faire content. There are class changes, though I don’t think I’ve heard anyone who’s particularly happy about theirs. (As a Windwalker Monk, I myself am pretty unhappy with where the patch seems to leave me, but, hey, nerfs come and go, and we must be like a leaf on the wind.)

And, honestly, Tanaan itself is a pretty big chunk of content, with three reputations, rares to hunt, and treasures to find — not unlike Timeless Isle.

But if none of these things are your cup of tea… well, I’ve got little to offer you.


What do you feel is the first place people will fly to explore and just look at?

I cannot speak for everyone, but I’m heading straight to Spires of Arak. With all of the treacherous mountain paths, it feels like there’s a ton of places I’ve never managed to get to and I’d like to explore the zone more thoroughly. Wherever my soon-to-be-wings take me, I’m looking forward to getting my exploration on from a whole new angle.

That’s it for today’s edition of The Queue. Come back tomorrow when Mr. Matthew Rossi will be here to answer your questions on all things Blizzard.

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