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The QA workers of Raven Software, a division of Activision Blizzard, are unionizing

The QA employees of Raven Software, one of many studios owned by Activision Blizzard and the makers of Call of Duty: Warzone, have voted to unionize, asking the corporation to voluntarily recognize them as a union. Raven's head Brian Raffel has already announced a restructuring at Raven, breaking QA up so that instead of one department they'll be "embedded" into other departments.

Activision Blizzard claims unverifiable harassment firings while it tries to get DFEH harassment suit dismissed

I don't think anyone who saw the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission accuse California's Department of Fair Employment and Housing of illegal ethics violations over the DFEH's opposition to the EEOC's settlement with Activsion Blizzard is surprised that Activision Blizzard is now using that accusation to try and get the DFEH case against them dismissed.

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