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The Queue: Giant good boy

What else is there to say about this quest chain in the Ohn’aren plains other than it’s the best?

Who hasn’t met a giant doofy dog who just wants to be helpful, and is maybe not that bright? I have a very good friend with a Saint Bernard puppy right now, and he was all I could think about while I was escorting this Bakar all over the plains. Of course, Taivan wants to make friends with the ram, there are probably about three thoughts rattling around in his head at all times, and those are probably chewing, playing, and friend. Trust me I know the type.

While I go find a dog to pet, it’s time for — The Queue.

The Queue: In which Liz talks about lore (in the most limited sense)

The problem with Warcraft lore is that sometimes I try to understand it, which inevitably ends with me thinking that Warcraft lore is terribly convoluted, full of retcons and sharp turns and sentences that are just way too long. The result is usually a lot of time spent in order to leave me frustrated and still confused, but every now and again I dig back in and try to figure out what the heck is going on in this ridiculous game world, and more importantly why?

For better or worse, this is one of those times. We’ll see how that plays out in time, but for now, let’s Queue.


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